Reiki/ Energy Medicine 

This type of alternative medicine is based on understanding the biophysics of the human body. The human energy field is an electromagnetic field that surrounds and flows through the physical body. Energy medicine restores energetic harmony, relaxes, and renders a greatersense of well-being.

While Reiki invites life force into the body, yoga generates space for the life force to flow fluently. Reiki helps with stress management, sleep disorders, circulation, and self awareness. 

Reiki Session $55/hour

A private reiki session will entail hands being lightly placed on the the body or over the body to: stimulate physical, mental emotional, and spiritual healing. Each session will be tailored to what the fits the client.

Crystal Reiki Session $65/hour

During a crystal reiki session, stones will be placed on and/or around the body to create what is called a crystal grid. Crystal grids amplify the reiki energy, and are used to: balance the chakras, re-pattern negative thoughts and habits, clear the auric field, and so much more! 

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