Series Classes

Series Classes

Series classes are designed to build upon one another and orient around a focus intention or goal to support you in the process of wellness. Give yourself permission to participate in your self care. 

YIN YOGA: For Healthy Aging and Wellness


Investment for series: $60 

Drop in if space is available: $18


4 week Yin Series - Fridays 9:30-10:45 am

Week One: Friday, May 4th - Neck, Shoulders and Upper 
Back Health 

Week Two: Friday, May 11th - Lower Back Health

Week Three: Friday, May 18th - Hip and Hamstring Flexibility

Week Four: Friday, May 25th- Full Body Sequence 

Interested in healthy aging and overall wellness? Yin Yoga, a meditative, passive practice of deep release that focuses on using gravity, stillness, time and relatively little muscle activity may be just what you are looking for!

Yin style of yoga helps to strengthen, lengthen and smooth the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and fascia) around muscles, joints and internal organs. It can also promote the healthy flow of energy through the body’s subtle energy channels that sometimes get blocked by holding onto thoughts and emotions that cause imbalances. A Yin practice can greatly improve your posture, joint health, range of motion, mobility and energy flow which are all essential for healthy aging and overall well-being.

Yin has 3 basic principles:
1. Move into a posture and find your edge which is the point where you are feeling something; not too much and not too little.
2. Find stillness in body and mind by meditating on your breath.
3. Give your body and mind the time it needs for deep release and opening. Then if your body
allows move a little deeper into your next edge.

Hands on assists, supportive therapeutic touch and props will be offered to help you benefit the most from each posture.

Each 75 minute practice will be a small group, no more than 7 participants, to ensure individual attention with hands on assists, supportive therapeutic touch and prop support. 

Since spots are limited please sign up early.

To RESERVE DROP IN please call 7049620771 or email so we can add you to the requested drop in dates.


The series will include FIVE 1hr 30min session occurring on the following Saturday evenings from 5:30-7:00PM April 7th, April 14th, April 21st,April 28th, and May 5th. Each session while be started with informative discussion and activity followed by a specialized sequence created around the topic and end with a open discussion for any questions.

Prices : $30 for a drop in session or $120 for the whole series

We all deal with stress in our everyday lives and it’s one of the main sources of physical and physiological ailments for individuals. While stress is unavoidable we can be better equipped with how we respond to it and perceive it. YOGA OFF THE MAT is a five-week series with the purpose of informing individuals and giving them the tools to help access that post yoga class bliss in their everyday life. Each week we will explore a different tool/letter from the acronym B.E.I.N.G created for the purpose of aiding people to BE more present, aware, calm and mindful through Breathe, Exploring senses and Sensations, Intention, Noticing Patterns, and Gratitude. 

This workshop will help you create a foundation of adaptability, connection, and self-care techniques that you can integrate into your everyday life.

Week 1: April 7th Breathe- Discover the power of your breath, as well as learn to manage it and have it help you. This day we will discuss different breathing techniques benefits and purpose and of course during our practice be able to try them out.

Week 2: April 14th Explore Sensation and Senses- We will explore different mediation techniques and tips and that can be accessed through out your day anywhere at any time. As well as discussing the importance and benefits of mediation and of course be able to try out some the techniques during our practice.

Week 3: April 21st Intention- Energy flows, where our intention goes! Discuss what an intention is , daily practices of creating one and how they can positively influence our actions and life choices. During this practice we will do some an intention setting activity followed by a sequence where that we will incorporate our intention into.

Week 4: April 28th Notice Patterns- This session invites us to take inquiry on life and our choices, and work on awareness and notice patterns that might be affecting our lifestyle. We will discuss and participate in different activates that encourage awareness finished off by a gentle sequence to look inwards.

Week 5: May 5th Gratitude- Gratitude is the attitude and is one of the ultimate forms of yoga. We will learn about gratitude and simple daily practices that we can do to notice more gratitude all around us in every situation. We will do a gratitude activity and once everyone settle on what they are grateful for this we will enjoy a practice bad on what we are grateful for.

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Every FIRST & THIRD Saturday of the month!