Natasha Nicole Sobers

Therapeutic Yoga & Prenatal Specialist

Natasha Nicole is a certified 200hr Therapeutic Yoga Specialist. She has been a professional Birth Doula with the San Antonio based agency, Journey to Motherhood, for two years and was a licensed Massage Therapist for 3 years with a focus on prenatal and sports massage. Her prenatal yoga classes focus on birthing parents looking for healing, inner strength, and spiritual freedom to prepare their mind, body, and spirit for childbirth. These trauma-sensitive classes give parents the tools to cope and rejoice in the perinatal and birth process, while learning to trust in themselves, their bodies, and their babies. Through evidence-based study and research, Natasha's goal is to also provide a safe space for learning and self-discovery for those seeking a complementary and holistic approach to healing from anxiety, depression, and early life trauma.

"Yoga helped me re-discover my love and passion to serve and help others directly, one-on-one. In my very first yoga class, I felt accepted, loved, moved, and inspired by the instructor, other students in the class, and most importantly, by me. I want to share that and the healing that yoga continues to provide me to others so that they can find their own path to their true north, their true selves, and live out their best lives."

 -Natasha Nicole

Prenatal Yoga: Centered & Empowered 

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday 9:30-10:45am



During this practice, we will honor you and the warrior you hold within. Throughout this time, you will find your own unique expression for each centering yoga pose that will help prepare your mind and strengthen your body for childbirth all while nourishing your spirit. Each practice will invite you to tap into your divine wisdom and innate genius to discover trust in yourself, your body, and your baby- to celebrate the power locked within the childbirth experience. This class is trauma-sensitive and new parents in their fourth trimester are also welcome!

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