Caitlyn Garrison

Caitlyn Garrison is a RYT 200Yoga teacher from Southtown Yoga Loft’s Awakening soul Teacher training, and is currently enrolled in  MelMarie’s 300hr adaptive therapeutic program. Caitlyn started practicing the physical aspect of yoga first, and at the time, was totally unaware of the psychological benefits.  It was not long after attending a few classes that she noticed a significant change in her mental health. After exploring in researching more on psychological benefits of yoga, she became curious and eager to help others in their journey. Having initially learned in a very disciplined, strict style of yoga, Caitlyn has now turned to the meditative, more therapeutic aspects of yoga.  In addition to teaching on a regular basis, she enjoys reading, traveling and ever growing crystal collection. 

Practice with Caitlyn 

Join me each week in an adaptive "Moon Flow" class inspired by the phases or face of the moon, seasons and a little bit of Astrology. Class will start with a slow vinyasa style warm up and cool down with a Vin posture or two before Savasana.