Chakra Consulting  

What are the Chakras? 

Derived from the Vedic culture, the chakras themselves are not physical entities and cannot be held or examined like an object, but exist solely as energy and hold a strong relationship with the physical functioning of our body. Influencing hormones and the body’s organization of health, they communicate through fascia tissue. The seven major Chakras are comprised of centers of hormone production or high concentrations of gap junction cells - serving as intercellular networks that allow for rapid signal transfer throughout various parts of the body. Celebrate an ancient old practice by honoring you and cultivating sustainable balance.

What is Chakra Consulting? 

Chakra Therapy is a holistic model for prevention and recovery by utilizing lifestyle choice, movement, and mindfulness to restore energetic deficiency within a chakra that may be causing inflammation, stress, malady, mental block, or dysfunction within the mind and body. Each session will address the chakra relative to the client's imbalances and through this insight, a holistic treatment plan is implemented utilizing Ayurveda, yoga, mindfulness, and lifestyle choice. 


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Chakra Therapy Session

Schedule one hour of self care with a blended experience of assessment, reiki, and yoga practice geared towards revitalizing energetic flow within the body. Patient will leave with clarity and tools to maintain energetic harmony throughout the body.  $65

The Align Program 

Treat yourself to a 7 session program where each session focuses on one chakra at a time. This program will educate to empower you in your health initiatives while promoting sustainable healing protocols. Each session includes harmonic attunement through reiki and yoga.  $390

The Align Session 

Schedule 90 minutes of a blended experience of life coaching, chakra clearing, reiki and yoga practice leaving you feel revived, open hearted and balanced with tools to carry with you off the mat and into your life. $80


Experience Melissa Aguirre's Chakra Workshop in a one-on-one setting to learn the history, the medical application, physiology, characteristics, and life style implementation to maintain balance and wellness through out the mind and body. This session is a wonderful introduction to the chakras or if you are looking to deepen your knowledge about the chakras. Complimentary hand out provided for note taking. Yoga poses and class optional at your request. 

Sessions are welcome via phone/skype or in person. 



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The Innate Design provides healthcare professionals and patients alike with a broader, intuitive lens in addressing a more participatory medical practice. Implementing the alternative modalities discussed here refine the patient/doctor relationship so patients are seen, met, and understood by their healthcare team and allows for improved clarity leading to sustained restoration and wellness preservation.

This unique book provides the reader with a comprehensive system to eradicate imbalances that lead to disease while shining light on our innate design - supporting our mind, body, and spirit to live abundantly in all aspects of our being.

The Innate Design is created to help readers strike a balance in their well-being utilizing the blueprint of the Chakras.