Integrative Health Advocacy Services

You do not have to face adversity alone. Our health advocacy program pairs you with an advocate to support you through your recovery process with self care support, mindfulness practices, adaptive yoga, and other resources to improve the quality of life during times that are most challenging to endure. 

Integrative Health Advocates are similar to doulas in the sense that we work for the patient, attending appointments and meeting in your home with you throughout whatever ailment or recovery process you are going through. We serve as your support person offering a multifaceted skill set to improve your quality of life. 

Integrative health advocates are not medical doctors or nutritionist. Our support and guidance serves as adjunct care to compliment prescribed protocols. Our services are diverse methods of stress management, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, holistic modalities building self regulatory skills in resiliency, self care and sustainable healing practices.


The Role of the Integrative Health Advocate

  • The essence of advocacy care is to provide non-medical, non-judgmental support and guidance to individuals and families through times of critical, transformative life change such as cancer diagnosis, surgical procedures, etc.
  • Integrative Health Advocates nourish, empower, support, guide, inform and comfort.
  • Integrative Health Advocates connect patients with additional resources for stress management and self care.
  • Integrative Health Advocates foster self-determination in their clients by assisting them in gathering information and encouraging them to make informed choices that are right for them.
  • For client needs outside of the health advocate's scope of practice, we provide referrals to appropriate professionals and community resources.
  • Integrative Health Advocacy support is focused on, and adapted to, the unique needs and requirements of each patient served.

Limitations to Practice

  • As non-medical care providers, health advocates do not perform clinical tasks (e.g., monitor vital signs, administer medication).
  • The Integrative Health Advocate refrains from giving medical advice or from persuading clients to follow a specific course of action or treatment.
  • The Integrative Health Advocate refrains from imposing his/her own values and beliefs on the client.
  • Integrative Health Advocates do not oust the role of other professionals and caregivers such as nurses, social workers, medical providers, home health aide, etc.


We offer packages based upon time frame increments. 

4 Week

6 Week

12 Week

16 Weeks

If more time is needed, we can renew a package.

Contact us so we can orchestrate the best advocacy plan for you.

Example Scenarios of Integrative Health Advocacy Care

During chemo treatment, your advocate would attend your chemotherapy treatment providing you guided relaxations and meditation while you receive treatment.

Your advocate can attend appointments with you and be your support person; providing gentle tools in stress management.

Your advocate can work with you on addressing chronic pain through different yogic practices, self massage and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. 

Your advocate can come to the hospital and work bedside with you providing gentle meditative movement guidance or practices to manage pain. 

Your advocate is your sounding board during treatment and recovery to empower you in education and self care.

For more information; contact us so we can explore serving your unique needs.