About Cynthia 

Cynthia Redhead is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) from Mel Marie Yoga Academy. She received her training in Therapeutic Adaptive Flow in 2018. Her passions relies on teaching meditation, yoga, holistic healing, and building a safe and comfortable community for her students. 
Cynthia practiced yoga on and off during her college years to relief stress. Years later she found meditation and essential oils as a healing method to gracefully cope with life’s peaks and troughs. When she started seeing and feeling the effects of meditation, she immediately recommitted to her yoga practice. 

Yoga and meditation gave her the tools to feel more connected, balanced, and feel better physically and emotionally. She lives by her teacher, Melissa Aguirre’s, mantra: “yoga does what yoga does”. In the same way, she incorporated her own mantra: “meditation does, what meditation does”.

Cynthia’s personal mission is to practice, share, and inspire peace in herself and others. She thrives to live her mission on and off the mat. 

Cynthia’s education and trainings also include: Love Your Brain certified teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Master Class Level 1 and 2, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach The Power of Awareness, among others. During 2019 she has planned to grow her meditation education, obtain her holistic life coach certification, and maybe start in her 300 hour yoga teacher training. 

Cynthia is originally from Lima, Peru. She loves and misses her country dearly. She goes visit her family and friends every time she can. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, a place that she calls home. 
In her personal time, you can find her drinking coffee or chai, reading books (maybe 3 to 4 at the same time!), writing on her personal blog, creating essential oil blends, and spending time with her loved ones. 

Practice With Cynthia 

Community Classes with Cynthia 

Movement & Meditation 

(Mondays, 6-7pm)

Movement and Meditation is uniquely designed for all levels of experience in yoga and meditation. The class will start with some breathing exercises, followed by movement, and close with meditation. Each week there will be a specific focus or theme that will leave you feeling calm, refreshed, and renewed.

Yoga y Meditacion en Espanol 

(Saturdays, 5-6pm)

Esta clase sera exclusivamente en Espanol para la comunidad de habla Hispana y para quien quiera practicar su Espanol. Cada semana exploraremos un tema o enfoque diferente que te dejara relajado/a, conectado/a contigo mismo/a, y renovodo/a.
Las clases estan disenadas para todos los niveles de experiencia en yoga y meditacion.

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