Kimberly began practicing yoga about 15 years ago. At first, it was more of a physical practice, but as the years went on, she slowly found herself getting deeper into the practice and exploring the mindfulness practices as well. Over the years, she thought that maybe one day, she would learn how to share this practice with others. After all, she herself had experienced so many amazing benefits from yoga, so how great would it be to able to help others experience these benefits as well. It never seemed like the right time, until it did. 

Trained in adaptive therapeutic yoga, Kimberly pulls from many different yoga lineages. She believes yoga can be for anyone and can be adapted to meet each student's individual needs. Kimberly's hope is to help her students find and maintain peace and joy in their lives through the powerful benefits of yoga, as she has in her own practice. For Kimberly, yoga is a way to feel alive, excited and grateful for what each day has to offer- as well as learning to let go. She believes we all have the power to let go and live our best lives. 

Kimberly offers specialized classes and workshops as well as one on one sessions to help guide her students to self healing, both mentally and physically.

Yoga for stress management offers a space for students to find peace within themselves through movement, breath and meditation. In this class, students will be guided through a series of breath centric movements, balancing postures, and stretches that have been shown to help melt away stress and anxiety. This class is ideal for beginners or seasoned yogis wishing to reduce and manage stress and anxiety, or anyone looking to find a little more peace in their life.

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