Jacquelyn Paige

Jacquelyn Paige- Meditation Coach

Taurus Sun-Aries Moon-Capricorn Rising-Manifestor 

Jacquelyn Paige is a meditation coach that has tapped into her talents for creating meditations that provide peace and tranquility. She found her calling in creating guided meditations when she used this form of mindfulness to help her cope during her postpartum stage. The meditations helped her find self-worth and she is now living each day consciously. She believes in the power of meditations and training your mind to find peace and happiness within each day. She offers meditation classes at MelMarie Yoga studio and off-site meditation services bringing peacefulness directly to you. Jacquelyn posts free weekly Monday Meditations through YouTube and hopes to have her website launched in January where you can purchase meditation packages to keep.

If you would like to connect with Jacquelyn Paige, follow her on social media:
-Instagram: @jacquelynpaige513

Stress Relief Guided Meditation Series- Donation Based


The stress relief guided meditation series will be comprised of weekly 30 minute guided meditation classes for 4 weeks. This series takes the signature guided meditation, but adds a specific goal to focus on releasing tension. In this series, you will practice releasing negativity in your life to able to find peace in the present moment. This is a meditation is beneficial to everyone, no matter where you may be in your mindful journey. 

Whether you can only attend a few classes or the whole series, your heart and soul will thank you for taking time for yourself to attend.

Please arrive about 10 minutes early to make yourself comfortable in the space. Guests arriving after the meditation has begun will be denied entry so the experience of others is not interrupted. 

Off-Site Meditation Services-$75

30 minute Guided Meditation
Available to San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

Off-site mediation services are designed to bring the peace and tranquility directly to you, whether you’re a group of friends seeking a guided meditation or a corporation looking to promote mindfulness in the workplace. Jacquelyn Paige, a practiced meditation coach, provides a 30 minute onsite, guided meditation at your preferred location. You will be guided to relax your body and mind, reach a deep meditative state, and begin your mindful journey.
Jacquelyn will provide a meditation specific to you. Before the meditation begins, she will converse with the group to gather insights on areas that need to be addressed to create a custom meditation specifically for the group. Any meditation she creates will allow you to slow down, be present, and unwind into stillness. Your heart, soul and mind will be in harmony after the session.