Designing military based programs to support, educate, nourish and direct the military community to sustainable well being. Offering accessible mind body services through pop-ups, USO San Antonio and our Fort Sam location coming April/May 2019.

Addressing military mental health readiness through resiliency, stress management and self care.



Connecting the military community into cohesive equanimity. milmindbody is a community organization that provides programing to bridge the gap between the military and mind body interventions. Furthermore, reintegrating veterans, military spouses and medical personnel into sustainable health and well being. 


Collecting data, research, inspiration and integrative programming that edifies current efforts in providing lasting health protocols for the military community.




This is an opportunity to serve our military community through mind body interventions and self care services. If you are interested in volunteering, supporting the effort, investing, donating and or teaching mind body services please contact us through this form. 

We are currently looking for volunteers for programing supported by the USO and yoga teachers interested in serving the military community. 

For more information call 704-962-0771

Military Spouses

Military Spouse Foundations Course

If you are a military spouse and are interested on being the first informed on our upcoming gift to you launching on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 10- send us an email and we will keep you in the loop. Our gift to you is an online program shown to improve self care practices, guide and support stress management, harbor community and provide possible job opportunities at the completion of the program. Counting down the days!! <3 



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