Pursue a career in professional yoga therapy. To be eligible, you must have completed your 200 hour Yoga Training. 


Trinity Healing Foundation is on a mission to use yoga as the keystone to define, inform, and re-evolve the domains of the human experience. This program guides trainees through a comprehensive experience that empowers, enriches, and advances the current efforts within the field of Yoga Therapy. 

Trinity Healing Foundation's Yoga Therapy Program is a modular program with rolling admissions. We are currently undergoingl IAYT-accreditation process providing an 800-hour yoga therapy certification program. To explore the first 300 hours of training and upcoming dates click here. If you are already a 500 hour yoga teacher, our program is a rolling admission based program with scheduled modules, comprehensive non contact classes and a thorough practicum that you can begin whenever you are ready. 

We have created a program that imbues a blend of Ayurvedic yoga philosophy with modern human sciences. The training program approaches yoga therapy through an integrative adaptation of biomechanics, neuroscience, biochemistry, and human anatomy intended to manifest the framework of health and wellbeing. In addition, our program will equip you with a dynamic tool box of certifications and trainings such as iRest, Vedic Counseling, mind body medicine and more. 

Trinity Healing Yoga Therapy specializes in guiding trainees in teaching techniques that rebuild neural networks directing positive and functional thought forms while establishing pleasurable movement patterns within the body to guide clients towards flourishing and sustainable health. You will be equipped in engaging with both mental health and conventional medical providers in topics such as stress related illness, chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, structural rehabilitation and more. 

Watch this video to learn why you should care as a Yoga Teacher and more about Yoga Therapy, Integrative Medicine and Trinity Healing Foundation.

The program directors come from varied backgrounds of training and experiences based in the Hatha yoga lineage. Additional areas of expertise include Thai yoga therapy, Ayurveda, mind body medicine, massage therapy, program development, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Based on the Kosha model, Trinity Healing Foundation’s directors have created a curriculum and method that provides an integrative yoga perspective that evolves and flows through personal development work to clinical application. 

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The program can be structured at your convenience and order but must include the 200 hour practicum, the non-contact training classes, iRest program, and completing the 4 modules divided into five day training immersions (60hours) scheduled quarterly each year. This will be organized once you've completed the student application and scheduled your Program Enrollment Session with program director, Melissa Aguirre. 

2021 Module Dates 

MODULE 1: Global Functioning and Foundations of Yoga Therapy

Dates: October 20 - October 24 

MODULE 2: Philosophy and Thought Vitality

Dates: March 17 - March 21

MODULE 3: Adjunct and Integrative Yoga Therapy

Dates: May 19- May 23

MODULE 4: Clinical and Professional Practice

Dates: August 19- August 23

Non-Contact Training Classes

These classes are scheduled between mentorship and online and are required for the purpose of integration and application. 


iRest is a meditation practice based on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra and adapted to suit the conditions of modern life. When practiced regularly - a little and often - iRest enables you to meet each moment of your life with unshakable peace and wellbeing, no matter how challenging or difficult your situation. Students will be trained and certified in iRest.

Vedic Counseling

Learn Joytish, the sister science of yoga- a Vedic science that aids assessments of clients to guide them into lifestyle choices, intentions and self care that pacific imbalances. This training will equip you in coaching clients through the landscape of self awareness and cosmic, environmental knowledge to evoke clarity, confidence and embodiment in one's nature. Students will receive a certification in Vedic Counseling.


Trinity Healing Foundation's Practicum guides yoga therapists in training to develop a thesis and begin the process of program development, funding proposals, research, proposals, and sustainable implementation. This process is designed to edify your professional yoga therapy career possibly serving as a launching pad for the work you will do. Our practicum is an opportunity for the yoga therapist in training to contribute to current research and integrative medicine initiatives on a larger and professional scale. 

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