Poetry and Self Expression

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It is at the heart of MelMarie Yoga to work with post traumatic growth and narrative psychology. Melissa Aguirre is a poet and author committed to using self expression as a means of therapy.

Whether it be taking yoga classes with Melissa Aguirre, you will be guided in ways that plant creative languaging and intentional articulation within the experience of the class yielding resiliency, inquiry, and clarity.

Furthermore, at MelMarie we offer unique and creative workshops to dive deep into the art of expression and language. Watch our EVENTS and if you have questions about upcoming workshops for poetry and language- email melmarieyoga@gmail.com


This collection is an offering of thoughtful inquiry on intimate themes about self love, loss, healing, faith, femininity, pain, breath, practice, and all it takes to bloom. With grace, vulnerability and compassion; MelMarie unveils a dynamic experience through creative language inviting readers to delight in the human they are.