Launching 9/20

Our studio is designed to offer everything you need for self care integration, mind body empowerment and accessibility in bringing these tools to life in your day to day expression. Our memberships offer multi-faceted access to align with your unique needs.

To bring your practice to life we have created a model that allows you to access educational workshops that provide teachings and practices oriented towards unique and therapeutic topics within mind body medicine and yoga therapy. The self care portal offers weekly access live with Mel to dive into unique conversations, energy updates based in Vedic teachings, guided meditations, book clubs and more. The weekly classes offer you access to your practice throughout week through our virtual studio and if you are needing a practice or want to dive into a workshop at your pace and time, check out our on-demand Self Care at Home library. With these, witness how you begin to Live Like You Practice.


Email for 40% off coupon on your first month membership.