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Luxuriate in YOUR YOGA, Your Practice today! 

There is still space in our upcoming Yoga Training Programs! 

200 Hour Adaptive Flow Teacher Training

For those interested in becoming certified in teaching yoga proficiently through therapeutic, adaptive yoga techniques in class settings, series, clinical and private contexts while luxuriating in the art of self care. 

Adaptive Therapeutic 300 Hour Program 

For Yoga Teachers certified as a 200 Hour level who wish to attain their 500 hour level program. The therapeutic component is not derived for status as RYS but specialized training in Yoga Therapy and affiliation with IAYT. 

Training Testimonies 

"This has truly been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much and have the tools to continue my learning and teach others. I have gained confidence in myself and abilities as a yoga teacher. I came into this very interested in the adaptive side of yoga, but with little understanding but now feel passionate about it helping others. I'm thankful for the lessons, the way you teach. I will cherish this experience throughout my life." Kimberly, RYT 200

"Melissa has a great way of making the 8 limbs of yoga come to life. Her knowledge is beautiful and she seems to really enjoy and love sharing with others. We laughed, teared, connected together. If you are looking for a whole body, mind and spiritual connection- see Melissa!" Lynn, RYT 200 

"Melissa's passion and care for others is apparent and shines through whether she is facilitating asanas or delivering theory. She is diligent in her research so her students understand how yoga fits into our communities, in our healthcare system and every day lives. She is kind, thoughtful and her door is always open. Because of Melissa's desire that her students have a well-rounded education I feel my path as a teacher has a solid foundation. I look forward to following in her footsteps helping others lead healthier lives the yogic way." Amber,  RYT 200


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You are your own best health advocate. 


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