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Supporting Cancer Survivors 

Yoga can give you peace after a stressful day as well as flexibility if you're feeling tense – But you're about to find out that the benefits of this practice go far beyond that.

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Mind Body Medicine Across the Cancer Continuum 

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for the mind-body relationship. Mindfulness and adaptive yoga provoke an integrative treatment pathway that emphasizes patient’s sense of well-being and self. By integrating these modalities, patients take inquiry and learn more about themselves, evoking a meaningful landscape of experience. Naturally, mind-body medicine invites patients to be with the complexity of the human experience while offering compassion and understanding to reclaim well being and recovery.

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The promise of yoga has evoked a trendy conversation in our country around the possibility of sustainable healing, stress management, physical maintenance and more. Many patients are looking into the healing benefits of complementary and alternative medical practices. However, yoga means different things to different people due to the wide variety of styles expressed in today’s cultural landscape.

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Watch below to learn about our outreach and effort for supporting the TBI community. 

If you have sustained a TBI or know someone who has this may be a wonderful resource to connect them to. 

Reserve your spot in the upcoming series HERE

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Learn about our effort to bring creative movement to adults with cancer by partnering with Hearts Need Art

Learn how accessible yoga is and why YOU should give it another go. 

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 “We have this natural healing pharmacy in the body. What is fantastic about yoga or the activation of the neurotransmitters in the brain is that it’s not about getting rid of the pain. It’s about connecting within. If we resist pain, there is disconnect.”

Confession #020: "When I realized that this work does not belong to me, I surrendered and my work became my prayer." with Melissa Aguirre

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Podcast Interview with Family Physician, Mike Sevilla about the why behind The Innate Design

Intrigued by the mind-body connection? Or simply the power of bridging western medicine and holistic wellness together? Check out this podcast interview between myself and Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke as we explore the why behind The Innate Design with Dr. Mike Sevilla.

“No one can deny that we are currently in an epidemic of opiate overprescribing, abuse, and deaths. I saw a recent article describing that physician prescribed opiates are now killing more people than drug dealers. So that was a powerful thing to read. I think we need to wake up and understand that there are other ways to go about treating these rather than the quickest, fastest, easiest thing. It is not just our role as primary care providers to treat sickness but we also need to maintain health and be apart of our community and our patient’s life and this is one way to ensure beyond western medicine that we go about not just treating patients but ensuring their wellness.” Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke

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