Adaptive Yoga Therapeutics 

300 Hour Teacher Training 


We require you to have your 200 Hour Level Certification to pursue the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Immerse in higher learning by taking the initiative to become a 500 level RYT with our Adaptive Therapeutic Advanced Program providing skills in Inclusive Sequencing, Self Care, and Professional Development.

You will learn to tailor sequences, mindfulness interventions, and implement holistic methods for special populations in restorative settings. This program will cultivate a deeper grasp for yoga philosophy, the use of evidence informed practice and incorporating yoga in a professional way while deepening your understanding in principles to optimize whole health. This training emphasizes on the importance of adequate self care, creating and holding space for others, holistic wellness, and the power of lifestyle choice. Designed to complement approaches already being used in client and patient centered professions, explore the important role this powerful therapy plays in living well, health care today and the continuum of care.

The integrative components of this training are based on our speciality training in the therapeutic application of yoga, the use of yoga as a complimentary medicine, and case study facilitation is not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry. This program is part of our 800 Hour Professional Yoga Therapy Program. This in-person training prepares you to work as a Certified Clinical Yoga Therapist within a care team of medical professionals. Our Yoga Therapy School is an IAYT Member School and is currently going through accreditation with IAYT. This program fulfills the requirements to up level your RYT to a 500-Hour RYT and must be completed to pursue The Professional Yoga Therapy Program. 

"This training has been such a wonderful experience! Everyone who came along this journey each brought their own amazing spirit, love, and care. I loved learning so much information about the chakras, yoga for anxiety, yoga for depression, prenatal yoga and most importantly self care. Thank you Melissa! This training has transformed my life for the best." Tracy, 300 Hour Graduate

During your 300 hour training, you will learn to work with groups or individuals with adaptive needs. This training is for yoga teachers trained at the RYT200 level who are looking to enhance and expand the way they show up for themselves and for others. Some of what you will learn will be: to specialize and tailor yoga for special populations, you will learn how to use anatomy to help with different client abilities, you will develop a deeper appreciation of yoga philosophy and how to apply it in your sessions, you will read and learn from evidence-informed studies and learn how western medicine and points of view complement traditional holistic yogic practices. This training emphasizes the importance of self-care, creating and holding space for others, mind-body medicine, and the power of lifestyle choice. Not only will you be given support during the weekend training, there will also be mentoring hours for any additional help you may need. The culmination of this training is a practicum, focusing on an element from the training that you would like to delve more deeply into. It is our intent as teachers that after the successful completion of your training and practicum that you will then have a practice-ready that you can take and teach to your population of choice and apply as a professional yoga and mindfulness provider.

This program includes Mind-Body Medicine, Structural Integration, Subtle Anatomy, Quantum Physiology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Yoga for Prevention, Recovery, and Maintenance of health, Ayurvedic Medicine, The Chakra Modality, Stress Pathogenesis and Management, Yoga in Behavioral Health, Non-communicable Diseases Pacification, Yoga for the Military Population, Taking Yoga into the World through Profession and Practice, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for Pain Management, Fascia, Biomechanics and Kinesthetic Literacy, and much more! 

Training Details

Our in-person program is divided into 8 Modules with 4 day immersions over a 10-month period. Space is limited and virtual access is currently available due to COVID-19. All program modules must be completed to graduate.  Trainees who enroll to commit to completing within 2021-2022 dates tuition is $3900 with payment plans and discounts available. Trainees who pay module to module have up to 2 years to complete at module tuition rate. $550/module. This affords RYT 200 teachers an opportunity for deeper education and fine-tunement of teaching based on a specific module as CEU or to pursue their full RYT 500. For Yoga Therapy Transfer Students, they must complete Adaptive Yoga Foundations and Subtle Anatomy before beginning the Professional Yoga Therapy Program based upon credit transfer. If in person immersion training format does not work for your schedule, check out our Live-Stream + 1:1 Mentoring 300 Hour Training Program Here.

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Training Location is at Boerne Yoga.

2021-2022 Training Dates


This module includes Yoga Epistemology, Integrative Care, Health Care Models and Adaptive Therapeutic Foundations, Structural Anatomy and 1:1 Adaptive Yoga Teaching. 


This module includes Subtle Ontology, Prana Vayus, Advanced Pranayama, Embodied Koshas, Self Massage, Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing and Pranic Literacy. 


Neuroscience and Stress Response, Trauma Sensitive Training, Trauma Recovery, Into the Vagus Nerve, Narrative Psychology and Language, Mindfulness for Mental Health, Kleshas and Mindfulness of Yoga Philosophy.


Advanced Ayurveda, Haha Gunas, Karma of Digestion, Yoga Philosophy as it relates to Health, Advanced Chakra Modality and Neural Mapping.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation and Modalities Training, Quantum Physiology, Advanced Yoga Nidra, Yamas and Niyamas, Integrative Mindfulness, Mudras, and more. 


Ability to teach adaptive yoga as adjunct support for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction Recovery, Eating Disorder Recovery, Chronic Pain, Traumatic Brain Injury and other adaptive abilities. You will learn to work with Sleep Hygiene, the Military Community, Prenatal, Postnatal and Mindful Coping for Kids.


Learn how to embrace your unique style of teaching, branding, and professional Yoga services. We explore Conducting Yoga Research, Corporate Wellness, and Sacred Commerce practices. Fine tune your savvy business practices and innovative yoga teaching. 


For Co-Hort Trainees Only. Specialized integration training, advanced application, preparing for Yoga Therapy, and Practicum Presentations.

"This was an amazing launchpad! Melissa is a master at facilitating discussion. The experiences that each person brought to the program were very enriching. This has been one of the most transformative experiences I have done so far in this lifetime. Weekends built one after another and each time exceeded what I thought I would learn and feel." Rhonda, 300 Hour Graduate 

MelMarie Yoga Academy's 300 Hour Advanced Training Program is a Registered School with Yoga Alliance. Graduates of this training will become certified yoga teachers and will be eligible to register at the RYT-500 Level with Yoga Alliance.

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