Bring Your Practice to Work

Wellness Wherever You Are. 

MelMarie Yoga is committed to serving corporate initiatives and offering wellness packages to combat the three leading causes of employee absenteeism and reduced productivity; 

Back Pain, Stress, & Fatigue 

MelMarie Yoga offers classes on-site to ensure that your employees have ample opportunity to improve their health, performance and wellness while reducing stress in the workplace. Workplace benefits include: 

increased staff productivity

 harmonious work environment

 improved immunity and health (reduce sick leave)

reduced stress

improved clarity and focus

enhanced memory

With the long hours, competitive responsibilities, and high stress of today’s work environment, yoga and mindfulness in the workplace provides a brief outlet for employees to recharge, relax, and reset. 

Whether it is during a mid-day break, lunch hour, or before/after work sessions- integrating mindful practices to bring clarity to the mind, stretch the body, and improve breathing is scientifically proven to yield better performance and happier employees.

Similar, these programs have also been proven to generate cost savings. Innovative large companies such as Apple, Google, General Mills, and Proctor & Gamble now have stress reduction initiatives establishing yoga and meditation programs for their employees. 

MelMarie Yoga offers unique opportunities and packages depending on the type of service your business provides and the industry you are in.

Select one of the following to see how we can bring wellness to you and your company.

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Bottom-Line Benefits for Company:
The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed 94,000 workers across 14 major occupations in the U.S. Of the 77% of workers who fit the survey’s definition of having a chronic health condition (asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity), the total annual costs related to lost productivity totaled $84 billion.

The American Institute for Stress measured that job stress costs U.S. companies about $300 billion annually through absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover, and direct medical, legal, and insurance fees.

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers who report they are stressed incur healthcare costs that are almost 50% higher than other employees.

The National Safety Council reported that companies lose $2-$3 in productivity for every dollar spent on direct employee medical costs.

The small cost of instituting the classes is far outweighed by increased productivity and wellness while reducing employee conflict, turnover, and absenteeism.
Aetna, partnering with Duke University School of Medicine, found that one hour of yoga a week decreased stress levels in employees by a third, reducing health care costs by an average of $2,000 a year.