Holistic Life Coaching provides guidance and support in the disciplines of self care, mind-body medicine, stress management, and positive psychology. My role is to serve as an advocate and sounding board as you work towards achieving your goals by overcoming challenges and thought forms that may inhibit your ability to source your own peace and true fulfillment. Through each session, we will uncover the underlying imbalances and draw insight on refining lifestyle choices to access optimal health and wellness. I give you insight, creative reframe, practice, and internal work to grow and overcome the obstacles in your becoming.

Tools include:

Cultivate Clarity

Each session we will work through clearing the thoughts and domains that no longer serve you. This instills clarity by removing the mental muck that inhibits our ability to be present and content. 


By instilling gratitude as a habitual thought form, contentment is inevitable. Through presence, somatic integration and mindfulness practices, one will learn to take refuge by connecting with the body's inner resources. 

Self- Discipline 

You will leave each session with tools and practices to implement throughout the week. Each will hold an intention to develop will and support you in staying accountable to your current goals. 


Holistic Consulting is intended to generate sustainable long term health and wellness. I will be giving you tools to reawaken and inspire your ability to stay connected with yourself during this process.


Devotion is maintenance. Holistic consulting is the alchemy of experience into wisdom. We will practice self care and loving compassion through surrender complimented by effective action items as vehicles to keep you progressing. In order to surrender, one must relinquish the resistance and pay attention to what life is asking. Start listening today. Allow each moment to become an open invitation for wellness, peace, and clarity. 

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You Will: 

Find new ways to enrich your life.
Begin living on purpose by creating a life by design rather than living by default.
Learn the art of self care.
Create relief, clarity, and hope.
Pinpoint and resolve thought forms that inhibit abundance and wellness.
Discover what truly makes you feel alive by letting go of what does not serve you.
Deepen your meditation and mindfulness practices to enhance presence.
Learn how to tune into your internal guidance system and develop self-trust, confidence, and self-worth.
Release habits of perfectionism and move into connection.

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Love Letters

"I received so MUCH from the coaching calls - very grateful, thank you." - Owner of Massage Clinic NMT, LMT in New Mexico

"Working with Melissa was amazing and helped me realized how important my own personal growth is in order pursue my dreams. What I learned has helped me not just sell art, but to really create an experience for clients as a conscious Art Gallery. I am grateful for the direction and developing a really well rounded vision for what I want to serve." -Art Gallery Owner in Florida 

"Since working with Melissa, I have noticed positive growth on my business and my ability to stay accountable to the work I love. The guidance and wisdom I received from our sessions are incomparable." - Yoga Teacher, Photographer, Entrepreneur in Arizona

"The coaching session helped me immensely. I am very grateful for her in depth responses and her spirit! Beautiful work you are doing Melissa...so profound and needed." - Pilates Teacher in Florida

"I felt an emotional connection from the first coaching call I had with Melissa Aguirre...and just being able to talk and connect with someone who truly had some of the same life experiences that I did and passion was very refreshing. She has helped me change my limiting beliefs making my day to day so much more empowering and positive." - Massage Therapist in Colorado 

"Melissa helped me realize that I have been putting myself last for the past decade. Investing in my self care transformation has been the best thing I could have done. I am feeling healthier, more confident, and lighter since working with Melissa. These skills have transferred over into my essential oils business and leadership skills as well. I am basking in this process." - DoTerra Oil Consultant in Florida