MelMarie Malas



Customize your intention based gift or select what calls you. 

Malas are 'meditation garlands' or prayer beads used to stay grounded during meditaiton, worn as an outward reflection of an inward intetnion, or simply a sweet beaded necklace to compliment your practice and style. These hand made and knotted Malas are each made with love, intention, and inspiration!

Allow your mala to inspire you to pause, breathe, and realign yourself with your deepest intentions. 

Allow your mala to motivate you to invest in your self care and offer yourself presence and compassion.

Awaken To Love Mala

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Peaceful Warrior Mala

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Just Breathe Mala

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Bloom In Bliss

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Harmony Mala

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Inner Tranquility Mala

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Serendipity Mala

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Vinyasa Mala

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Custom Malas! 

Thank those you love with intentional gifts and thoughts. Whether it is a sweet invitation to self care, intention emulator, a beautiful accent to your style, or a new companion to join you on the yoga mat; Connect with your intention and collaborate with your creativity. 

Once I receive your desire to customize; the creative process will begin! 

Share your, intention, colors, and vision for designing your Mala and I will get back to you within 48 hours to begin designing and completing your order!