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Come join us every last friday of the month to create and move ! 

Before the gratitude practice, participants will do a different make and take that represents their high, lows and gratitude for the month that will inspire our movement and breath on the mat. This months make and take we will be creating GRATITUDE BOXES! Allow yourself to navigate self-awareness of what is meaningful to you now and seek to discover gratitude in your everyday life through this gentle flow practice and leave with a unique piece of ART to represent your thoughtful intentions and self care experience. 

The event price is $12 a person and please bring your own mat.

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Saturday April 28, 7-8pm 

Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY Self Care Social at MelMarie's Self Care Studio. This one hour community event invites a light hearted practice that marries self massage and gentle movement into one luxurious experience. Get to know MelMarie's mission by taking this complimentary step in nourishing you.

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Fibromyalgia is a common, costly and debilitating illness. Symptoms are musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, stiffness, and distress. Experience a Gentle Yoga practice to discover how gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation may lessen pain, and improve function. Yoga is not just an exercise program. You begin to relax, calm and focus your mind, and deal with emotional turmoil with breath awareness while practicing gentle and restorative poses. You will discover with Yoga’s careful strengthening and relaxation techniques your body is encouraged to move as well as improve your mind and sleep.  
After class discussion on how to incorporate Yoga practice into your daily life.

Time: 10-12pm
Cost: $25.00 (Proceeds donated to National Fibromyalgia Association)
Instructor: Rhonda Drummonds
RYT 500, (emphasis Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga)

Location: MelMarie Yoga
11844 Wurzbach
San Antonio, TX 78230

About Rhonda

Rhonda Drummonds received her RYT 200 teacher certification from Ester Vexler Yoga School in 2015 and her RYT 300 hour Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga certification from MelMarie Yoga Academy in 2017. She began her self studies of yoga in 2000 discovering the health benefits and the positive impact from Yoga while coping with a personal injury. Yoga has provided her the ability to minimize discomfort to continue joyously experiencing life with family and friends. 
Her recent certification confirms Yoga’s therapeutic benefits to holistically reduce symptoms of one’s sense of suffering and stress from disease or syndrome. Her desire is for all students to experience the healing synergy of Yoga. Her objective is to share Yoga’s holistic gift with students by integrating a mindful practice based on breathe, poses and meditation. Her goal is to provide a safe environment for students to embrace self-acceptance, improve self-esteem, relieve stress and raise awareness.  
Her aspiration is to provide a safe space for students to experience a Gentle Yoga practice with the use of props to nurture a sense of presence and realize grace by opening one’s heart to the healing energy of Yoga.