Partnership and volunteerism is a core value at MelMarie Yoga in sharing the mission and supporting others with like-minded visions. 

MelMarie Yoga innovates, supports and works closely with communities to pioneer pilot programs, experiences, and services that may not otherwise be accessible. Partnering also offers the opportunity for organizations and others to benefit through special access to services, scholarships and support while collectively we foster the accessibility of mindfulness, integrative yoga and self care.

Examples of Partnership Includes:


Partner with MelMarie Yoga by hosting Yoga Teacher Trainings and Education to elevate your community in mindfulness.


Co-create experiences and education that edify your community and fortify your mission in the world. Workshops, events and innovate services and resources are just a few ways to create. 

On Demand Access

Offer free access to hundreds of hours of yoga and education to your community as a resource to compliment your mission. Great for non profits and corporate partners. 


Be deeply seen and supported through mentorship services from creating your own trainings to leading professionally. Mel offers specialized mentorships for business owners and organizations to amplify leadership and action. 


Whether you or your organization has an interest in partnering or bringing Melissa Aguirre's expertise to the table, there are many opportunities to innovate, foster a collective impact and create together. 

Non-Profit Organizations 

Does your organization align with our mission and our work? Do you hold a vision to nourish the lives of your community through self sustainable techniques, expertise and mindfulness? 

Examples of Partnership:

Custom Workshops + Education | Referral Relationship and Scholarships for your Community | Pilot Programs | Advising, Mentoring, and Team Well Being | Innovation |  Services 

Corporate and Market Innovation

Are you ready to elevate your organization and innovate within the market? Are you looking for the unique expertise of MelMarie and ready to optimize your work place, community and impact? 

Examples of Partnership: 

Custom Education | Program Development | Innovating Integrative Resources, Products, and Experiences | Referral Scholarships and Relationships |  Advising and Mentoring | Human Resources and Wellness | Stress Reduction

Studios and Gyms

MelMarie is passionate about supporting studios and gyms to provide inclusive, adaptive and meaningful education to the community. 

Examples of Partnership:

  • Hosting Education or Yoga Teacher Trainings to diversify your offerings and provide value while receiving consistent rent and marketing support through MelMarie. 
  • Studio/Gym Owner Mentorships for Business
  • Referral Compensation and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Creative Collaboration for the Community through Social Media, Events and other experiences. 

Reach out below to begin innovating. 

Partnership gives volume to the mission and through this work we can collectively reach our communities with diverse expertise, insight and creativity. Partnerships below do not include all current working partnerships. 

MelMarie Yoga is honored to sit at the table with you.

Partners Include

USO Foundations Course 

Our Partnered Yoga Foundations Programs with The USO.

In 2018, a partnership between the USO and MelMarie Yoga began to serve, educate and support our military families and community. The Foundations Course offers self care and stress management resources through the lens of mindfulness and yoga teachings. Cozy up into self care, movement and stress management. MelMarie Yoga offers yoga and other resources to the USO community. 


Get access through the homepage at

North Western Health Sciences University

Honored to partner with Northwestern Health Sciences University providing our Yoga Therapy Education and eventually our Masters of Health Science in Mind Body Disciplines including Yoga Therapy Track, Stress Specialist Track and Focused Care Track. 

Custom Cosmic Cuff Jewelry with Anvil + Aura

Create your personalized bracelet with your birth chart or a chart of something/someone meaningful to you. 

Click Here for all the details.

Reach out if you would like to host an in person event. 

Battling Minds Yoga Studio 

MelMarie Yoga is proud to partner with Battling Minds through developing pilot programs for law enforcement, first responders and community needs aiding mental health and hygiene. We provide yoga and mindfulness services along with our donated yoga studio in their clinic for resources and support. 

Veteran's Yoga Project

With special resources and scholarships that give back to VYP through our educations and training while also supporting outreach, innovation and more within VYP, MelMarie Yoga is honored to partner with an organization we share a mission with. 

Learn More about VYP

Nurture Nature Candles

Nurture Nature's mission is to keep you connected to nature through candles.

We are so excited for the sweetest project launching in collaboration with Nurture Nature Candles! Stay tuned for the spring. 

In the meantime, explore their beautiful work here. 


We partner with studios to empower resources, education access that gives back to the studio and mentorships with studio owners to support growth, mission and structure to maintain impact in their communities. 

Working Moms of San Antonio

MelMarie Yoga offers complimentary resources to mom entrepreneurs and resources to serve women in creative professional development, self care and resources. 

Learn More Here

Member School of IAYT

Our Professional Yoga Therapy Program is accredited with IAYT's C-IAYT Certification. We are an active member school within IAYT and aid the development, implementation and education for the field of yoga therapy.

Partner and Developer of FitFigther x MelMarie Yoga with FitFigther Steel Hose. 

Content Contributor and Advisor for Coach Me +

We provide education and resources for the yoga practitioner community at BeYogi. 

Military and Public Sector Program Development through contracting with Strong Brands. 

Yoga and Mindfulness Services provided to 360MVP. 

Offering special rates, events and resources to the San Antonio Yoga Community.

Innovated Operation Within Podcast and Community Health Program for military families and service members with Human Military. 

Partnered with the US Army as a Subject Matter Expert, Educator, Program Developer and Advisor for Mental Performance, Mindfulness and H2F. 

Let's Collaborate 

Let us know how we can support your mission, work or services.

Partnership is a core of our values to share, spread and scale the mission of mindfulness, proactive wellness, population health and yoga. Let's innovate together. 

We also have an array of gym and studio partnerships providing resources, mentoring, collaboration or hybrid trainings to their community. We love partnering with studios to nourish education and community from within the studio and beyond. 

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