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Welcome to my bookshelf. 

This is your space of spaciousness, self care and play. Over the years, one of the most common things I am asked to share are my favorites and if you have been in our trainings you know we give all the gems, resources and book recommendations. By nature, I am a writer and creative. Reading and reflective practices have always awakened parts of me that continue to revitalize my creativity and restore my mind. 

Naturally as a school, it only makes sense for us to have a library. I always preface that forcing yourself to finish a book when you could be reading what truly lights you up is not something I am for. So do not do it. Explore what excites you...

There are many resources on this page to play and relax into. For yoga teachers, entrepreneurs, self care junkies and beyond- luxuriate and follow the pulse draws you in. Listen to the surge to lean in and honor the timing where you are and want to venture. Note my little love notes below. 

Learning lives in so many ways. Never stop. 

with love, Mel

Authored by Mel

On the Shelf

Journals + Self Care

For those who love beautiful places to house your thoughts and interact with the teacher of your own heart. Because you are here...we want to invite you to deepen into self care. ENJOY A YEAR OF FREE ACCESS TO OUR VIRTUAL STUDIO HERE. This is in honor of the Live Like You Practice Docuseries. Embodiment brings a powerful layer to these resources here. (Why I created Illuminate Your Nature.) Find your cozy below.

Cozy Reads

This list is blended with fiction and self reflection. Perfect to snuggle up to with your favorite coffee and time with you. 

Poetic Musings

My favorite list, one for the heart. So much inspiration for verbal instruction in yoga teaching lives here too. 

Mind Body Nerdy

These gems seed the fertile understanding of why yoga does what yoga does and how profound your body is. This is our love language at MelMarie Yoga. Join the conversation by beginning our Mindfulness and Meditation Training or jump into our Yoga Teacher Trainings. So much we nerd out on with practical application, embodiment, and self connection. 

Yoga Nerdy

Deepen your practice and connection to yoga through these incredible resources. Our trainings are beginner friendly and meet people where they are in their journey. The modality of yoga is so wide. If you feel called, explore our trainings here. There is a seat at the table, take your practice deeper. 

Cosmic Wisdom

This list is for those who are ready to shatter paradigms and begin to birth a profound depth of beauty in your life. Some of it may be out there and some of this may feel right at home for you. Explore what calls you from within. If you really want to deepen into these modalities: a year of you with our Vedic Astrology Training Program, Akashic and Vedic Sessions, Vedic Mentorship, Vedic Membership are where you can be supported, meet like minded people and come back home to the deeper nature of you. 

Business Savvy

With over a decade of running my own business and growing, what many do not realize is that I started from complete scratch without knowing anything. I leaned in and followed the heart. Made a lot of mistakes and made a lot of magic. This is what Redefined is for...but if you want some of my favorite books on business- these have all contributed to seasons of my path as an entrepreneur and business owner. 

If you love this and want more resources and gems...

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