Expand Your Career- Your Voice, Your Business and Your Mission 

Join Mel for a Journey into redefining what it means to serve a mission and be compensated well for your work. This nine hour masterclass journey includes 6 masterclasses and 1:1 mentoring with Mel throughout the journey through 24/7 access on a mentoring app to personally apply and be guided. 

If you have been looking to work with someone who understands how to run operations, innovate relevant programs and services while building community- Mel has over a decade of work in the yoga and mindfulness industry and is opening the doors to mentor others who desire to bring their creative work and passion into business. 

The program is a restructuring, innovating and redefining of the many stories yoga industry and wellness industries have circulated that keep business owners stuck. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a gym/studio owner or a creative who wants to elevate the way your business flourishes while getting direct guidance, this program is for you. Naturally the past few years has shifted the landscape of business for many and now there are even more ways to expand while navigating hurdles that have been a byproduct. Give yourself permission to sound board, be supported and develop a wider perspective on running business. 

The Master Class Journey

Week One: Foundations and Business Fundamentals

Getting your ducks in a row. Where to begin, where to revisit, clean up and clearing out dead weight. Pricing, logistics, business structure and much more begins here.

 Week Two: Feeling Into

Working with creativity, releasing old betrayal or fear that clouds up the progress and expression. Arise with confidence and creative insight to sustain your business.

Week Three: Go

Self trust and outreach. Getting out there and working with motivation, structure, and flow. This is the walk and movement to engrain the changes and how to navigate action and exchange. Our embodiment and integrity, Marketing and launching. 

Week Four: Serve

This is a special week where Mel and you directly deepen into the teachings thus far making relevant shifts and moves to serve your community, know your inner boundaries to prevent burnout and give from a place of have. This is where you and Mel focus deeper into what you are learning, applying and needing personalized guidance on in addition to what you've been cultivating through the 1:1 voice chat mentoring. 

Scheduled 1:1 with Mel

Week Five: Vocalize

We uncover the power of voice, expression and leadership. How you use your voice to be heard, collaborate and open the room for your community to recognize your brand, feel connected to your mission and lead from a place of clarity. 

 Week Six: Vision

Mel guides you in developing vision and how to integrate step by step processes in awakening larger perspectives in reaching goals. Learn how to use insight to navigate and adapt in business with tenacity, steadiness and confidence. 

Week Seven

Connect- Continue the momentum created through the journey by deepening into your mission, building meaningful connections and serving people in a way that elevates them too.


Once you register, Mel will send you the assessment and get you access and started in coaching within 2 days. For any questions, please contact below. Take this step in leveling up your work, your voice and your business savvy. 


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