FitFighter Yoga

FitFighter Yoga by MelMarie is an integrative yoga method blending the FitFighter SteelhoseⓇ into dynamic breath informed stretches and movements to improve mobility, restore the nervous system, and nourish the mind. From moving with weight and resistance to applying as a supportive prop for deep stretch and recovery, this innovative method provides a full body strength and recovery workout that maximizes optimizing both physical training and mental hygiene.

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FitFighter Yoga 30 Classes Access

Enjoy 30 FitFighter Yoga Classes to train both mind and body through a dynamic blend of strength training and restoration with the FitFighter Steelhose. 

You can enjoy a 20 minute practice each day over the duration of a month and witness incredible transformation or enjoy the 30 classes at your leisure. When you purchase your 30 classes, this also includes a MelMarie x FitFighter Steelhose. 


Enjoy a complimentary experience and the benefits behind FitFighter Yoga.

FitFighter Yoga Training


Learn to work with the Steelhose in your yoga practices or applying to recovery in training. This is for anyone who wants to teach FitFighter Yoga or integrate the techniques into your training regimen. All workshops are livestream via zoom.

FitFighter Yoga 8 Hour CEU Training Includes:

  • FitFighter Yoga Steelhose mailed to you. 
  • FitFighter Yoga Foundations (2HR)
  • Sequencing FitFighter Yoga Classes: Recover (2HR)
  • Sequencing FitFighter Yoga Classes: Power (2HR)
  • FitFighter Yoga Teaching Integration (2HR)
  • 1:1 Mentoring with Mel through Voxer (3 Months)
  • MelMarie ON DEMAND annual Studio Access
  • Once courses are complete, 1:1 Session with Mel to deliver FitFighter Yoga Experience to attain CEUs.

Once you enroll you will receive access to an enrollment video on getting started with FitFighter Yoga Training. The training duration is up to 6 Months to complete.  


Enjoy the journey of becoming an RYT 200 Yoga Teacher specialized in FitFighter Yoga. This experience includes the module Format + 1:1 Yoga Teacher Training program with FitFighter Yoga Training. Details on this program here. Your Electives in the training would be the FitFigther Yoga Pathway and when you graduate you will receive your Yoga Alliance Accredited RYT 200 Certification and your FitFighter Yoga Certification. 

This training includes the FitFighter Yoga Steelhose, Yoga Teacher Training Materials and all of the CEU benefits. Once you enroll, Mel will mail you your materials and schedule a 1:1 Enrollment Session to begin the journey. Participants have up to 12 months to complete the training. 

FitFighter Yoga Training Tuition: PIF 

Payment Plans, Military Discounts and MYCAA eligible. Begin for $500 for Payment Plan Option and Enroll Here. 

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