What is Vedic Counseling?

In yoga tradition, the application of nature as it relates to our health is the foundational domain of understanding. When we see how elements effect us, we can understand how to pacify those things through lifestyle choice, mindful awareness, compassion and wellness regimens. 

Vedic Counseling is the process of applying sciences of astrology, Ayurveda and movement to guide you in recovering your total well being. By understanding your tendencies- it gives awareness to imbalance inviting compassion in regulation. 

In these sessions, based on your chart and constitution- I will guide you through an inspiring process of self awareness and give you skills, intentions and practices to aid in self care. 

This is great if you are going through a transitional time in your life, needing clarity, business clarity, or trying to expand the way you show up for yourself and others. 

I cannot wait to dive deep with you. Contact below to find out more information or schedule your session. Sessions can be done via livestream on Zoom or in person. 

"Getting my reading was an illuminating experience. Doing my reading helped clarify so much doubt and perplexity about about the past. Thank you for guiding me through this experience, helping me shed the layers of fear and anguish allowing me to move forward." -Claudia

+This experience truly taught me so much more about myself than I could have expected. She brings light and love into all of her practices and helps to show you you’re full potential in life. With the current state of the world she has brought a little extra little light in into my life and I truly recommend this experience to everyone." -Emily

"My reading was so insightful! I have so much more of an understanding in managing so many aspects of my life with this helpful tool Melissa offers." - Chelsea


You must know your EXACT birth time, location of birth and birth date for Vedic Counseling sessions. Come prepared with questions for your Akashic Records reading. All sessions are remote and you will be able to record your session to reference back for timeless support and wisdom. 

Contact below to inquire about scheduling. 


Vedic Counseling (60 minutes): $280

Akashic Reading (60 minutes): $180