Self Schedule. Real Time Live Workshops. 1:1 Monthly Mentoring. 


In 2019, Yoga Alliance defined contact hours as real time sessions including live streamed classes. With the impact of shifting services and classes online, Mel Marie Yoga Academy has accommodated to these changes providing yoga teacher training programs that allow students from all over the world to train with Melissa Aguirre and her team in Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga. We are honored to offer both our 200 hour Yoga Training Program and 300 hour Advanced Therapeutics Training Program via Livestream. 


Are you looking for a yoga teacher training program that embodies meaningful and functional applications of yoga? 
Are you looking to attain your RYT 200 but struggle finding a program that works with your schedule?

Look no further, MelMarie Yoga Academy offers a module based yoga teacher training program that work with your schedule complimented by monthly one on one mentoring with Melissa (in person or via zoom). The classes are accessible on ZOOM at scheduled times and cycle every three months allowing you to customize your schedule and training experience. 

Explore the Welcome Packet. Thorough details on our program here.

"I loved Melissa’s 200YTT so much that I rolled straight into her 300 hour program. The breadth and depth of information covered was phenomenal. YTT helped me rediscover myself after a long road of cancer treatment. Melissa’s passion and guidance helped me cultivate my own unique teaching style and left me feeling empowered to go out and share my gifts. 🙏🏼💫" - Natalie H

What is unique?

Mentoring + Our Person Centered Approach

Self awareness is self liberation. The more we learn about our own gifts, tendencies and essence- the more clarity we yield to foster confidence in our personal "why". Mentoring is so sacred. Bringing this into our yoga teacher training programs has up-leveled the experience beyond what MelMarie Yoga Academy could have imagined. 

The person-centeredness allows our trainees to be safely seen, empowered and co-creative in their teaching journey. It allows relevant application to their why. Meets them in their own process and rides with them into their confidence. To give birth to the vision imprinted in their heart. Radical permission to guide, embody and innovate in their unique ways. Where their voice matters and they get to fit the practice to their body, their heart and their mission rather being told how to fit into someone else’s story. 

They are the artist. They are the pioneer. They are the teacher of their own heart. MelMarie Yoga Academy does it different. You don’t see this in most programs because it’s the extra mile. But we go there with you. Because we believe in you. Because your truth matters. Because your path is your own. 

Accessible Scheduling 

As workshops cycle every three months, this allows you to catch your required class on the next round if you cannot make the appointed time. We alternate times and days for workshops in each cycle and as you get closer to graduation we schedule your remaining classes based on your availability. Trainees have up to 12 months to complete the program making it a powerful and personalized experience. A year of you.  

Your mentoring sessions are scheduled directly with you and your access to the walkie talkie mentoring app allows you to be coached, guided, and mentored throughout the week at your convenience as we have an ongoing conversation and deepen directly anytime you feel the surge, the question or the inquiry- you do not have to wait. This also enhances your ability to express, speak, and reflect which amplify skills in your confidence to use your voice as you teach. 


Pay In Full (Save $150): $3450 Pay in Full

Payment Plan Options: $3600

3 Month Payment Plan

6 Month Payment Plan

8 Month Payment Plan

12 Month Payment Plan

Or custom Payment Plan Option: Pay $500 to Reserve Spot (Start for $500 and we can customize installments that work best for you on the remaining balance. For further questions contact 704-962-0771)

15% off Military Discount & MYCAA Scholarship Eligible Please contact us directly for coupon code for military and special discounts or for MYCAA Scholarships.

Once you reserve your spot above, we will be in touch to get you started with mentoring and your Enrollment Session Scheduled. Contact below for more information. 


- A comprehensive Training Manual and Materials (either mailed or given at enrollment) to support your journey, house notes for your workshops, and offer a creative space for you to grow through the program. 

-Up to 5 Workshops a week to choose from based on your training pathway via zoom to design the perfect training schedule for you. + Full access to On Demand Studio

- Regular 1:1 mentoring and training with Mel either on zoom or in person. + Weekly Self Care Email to nourish your journey. In addition to optional weekly practice teaching sessions. 

-  24/7 access to Mel directly through a walkie talkie mentoring app where you and Mel correspond, integrate and deep dive in between sessions.

- Monthly group integration sessions with other trainees in the program to ensure you are applying, connecting and processing the experience. + Opportunities to practice and work with others in remote program (location dependent). 

Please read our welcome packet for thorough details or connect directly with Mel below to connect via phone or email directly. 

"The training program not only helped me learn more about the practice of yoga but helped me tap in and learn about myself. I loved being surrounded by other like minded individuals and having the opportunity to watch everyone else grow on this journey as well. The personalized aspect of being able to talk to Mel really helped me get comfortable in my practice and helped me navigate the steps after the training had ended." -Coral, RYT 200

With over 100 5-star reviews on Yoga Alliance, MelMarie Yoga's Adaptive Trainings are devoted to career success, integrative nourishment and professional development of student trainees and teachers. The Adaptive Therapeutics Module Based Yoga Teacher Training Program format offers the flexibility to commit to a training pathway that fits your scheduling needs. The blend of community virtual online real-time classes and blended one on one mentor sessions allows you to train at the pace and style you wish. 

Our program is an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive system of adaptive yoga designed to inform, equip and inspire our students while offering a transformational experience which exceeds the industry standard and minimum requirements set by Yoga Alliance. The program highlights the evidence based research supporting Yoga and articulates the important role this powerful modality plays in living well, health care today and the continuum of care (CAM). The integrative components of this training are based on Melissa's specialized training in Yoga Therapy and Mind Body Medicine, the use of yoga as a complimentary medicine and case study facilitation is not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry. To inquire about the virtual module training program format, contact below. 

"This training was such a breakthrough in my life. I feel like a completely different woman as if I was just woken up, that I'm just shining so bright in this light of just shining my light and just being me. I apply this in my professional work, so successfully. I see it impacting my patients so positively. I am so thankful for this training and the Lord for bringing Mel into my life because from the moment that we met, I fell in love. I want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you to Mel and for her holding a container in a safe space for us to become who we are meant to be and to walk this journey." - Maria, RYT 200

"This has truly been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much and have the tools to continue my learning and teach others. I have gained confidence in myself and abilities as a yoga teacher. I came into this very interested in the adaptive side of yoga, but had little understanding but now feel passionate about it helping others. I'm thankful for the lessons, the way you teach. I will cherish this experience throughout my life." Kimberly, RYT 200

"Melissa has a great way of making the 8 limbs of yoga come to life. Her knowledge is beautiful and she seems to really enjoy and love sharing with others. We laughed, teared, connected together. If you are looking for a whole body, mind and spiritual connection- see Melissa!" Lynn, RYT 200 

"Melissa's passion and care for others is apparent and shines through whether she is facilitating asanas or delivering theory. She is diligent in her research so her students understand how yoga fits into our communities, in our healthcare system and every day lives. She is kind, thoughtful and her door is always open. Because of Melissa's desire that her students have a well-rounded education I feel my path as a teacher has a solid foundation. I look forward to following in her footsteps helping others lead healthier lives the yogic way." Amber,  RYT 200

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