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About the docuseries-

Most of us began yoga and mindfulness with many misconceptions in mind such as you have to look a certain to do it, there are certain things required to do it “right”, it is only for women or certain body types, that you inherently aren't good at it, you need to be flexible, that it is a religion of some sort from the east, and more and more. I see these beliefs all the time and have once believed them myself…until I witnessed transformation within my own mind and health which ignited the passion I have today to make this modality accessible to all walks of life and bring yoga into unconventional places. 

Over the past decadeMelMarie Yoga has been part of pioneering yoga and mindfulness into the US Military, higher academia, and clinical care. We want to show you, walk with you, and include you in the healing that is awaiting from within your own body. Resources we were never taught about, heal the distrust in the yoga industry and be part of a better future of integrative care and proactive wellness. 

We are celebrating and inviting you into ways to Live Like You Practice in your own life now. The docuseries itself is packed with mind blowing interviews and reframing our cultural perception of yoga in the west and this work becomes a recognized modality in the health care continuum. This is just the beginning and you are welcome to join us at the table to advocate stress hygiene, accessible care and mental wellness. Episodes drop on YouTube every Monday based on themes to widen dialogue in health, education and yoga industries. 


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Episode One: Threads of Tranquility

Episode One: Threads of Tranquility sets the stage on the docuseries journey as we explore textures of yoga beyond the studio into our day to day life, clinics and beyond. We highlight the importance of fostering authentic connections back to ourselves through the framework that yogic teachings offer while widening the context of yoga’s relevance in health, higher academia and at home. Main takeaways:- Widening the context of yoga.- Yoga in clinical settings including mental health and academia. - Personal examples from the lens of different populations of how living like you practice (where yoga is not what you do but what you embody) transforms lives. - Embark on a journey of self discovery as we set the tone for captivating discussions throughout the series. 

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Episode Two: Yoga Unbound

Episode Two: Yoga Unbound disrupts common misconceptions in the yoga industry that keep people from leaning into proactive health through mental wellness, movement and connection with breath. This episode peaks into the evolution of yoga and mindfulness expanding in public domains such as health care and others while releasing stigmas that keep people in doubt or insecure. The episode highlights what it really means to Live Like You Practice and removes industry gatekeeping and narratives that teach otherwise. The mechanics of mindfulness are a human birth right. Stress reduction is not something we should ever gate keep, because the tools already live within. Main takeaways:- Debunking circumstantial barriers to mindfulness.- Practical exemplification of Living Like You Practice - Direct stories of improving quality of life and personal transformation by widening the context of yoga.- The importance of self agency in yoga practices and the person-centeredness that was forgotten. - Yoga in health care, lobbying and bringing to underserved populations and unconventional places. - Limit often lives in the perception we hold and the perspectives we adopt, learning to widen and release to reclaim our vitality. - A special gem and affirmation at the end. 


1. Stress hygiene and nervous system regulation is a tool that lives within the body. As a culture we are so disassociated from our bodies and feel disconnected on where to start to make us feel better. Therefore, we run to many external quick "solutions" that may either make it feel better temporarily or have consequential side effects. There is so much awaiting the pharmacy within. Every human deserves to know about and experience it.

2. There has been a lot of mistrust in the yoga industry due to the mainstream perception of yoga belonging only in studios as a fitness modality or needing to wear specific clothing to do it or even it being only for women or a certain archetype that is not relatable. We want to heal this and widen it beyond performance where your practice becomes an intimate return back to yourself.

3. Health Care. The crisis is loud, mental health is a huge issue many are struggling with. As a profession, this work is in the process of becoming a recognized co-modality that can aid patient care and open more ways for patients to participate in their own health through prevention and maintenance. Stress Reduction modalities such as mind body medicine, yoga, and mindfulness are sustainable tools with a multi-modal approach. 

Episode Three: Healing Beyond Borders

Episode Three: This is that episode that awakens why "yoga does what yoga does". This week we are unpacking Yoga Therapy as it pertains to public health and the stress crisis. This is what we do- through the body we change the mind. Through the body we restore the nervous system. Through the body we reclaim our self knowing. Through the body we befriend what is awaiting within. Main takeaways:- Understanding the stress crisis and why yoga is relevant to facing health challenges of the 21st century. - How yoga is not just stretching. - Personal stories on yoga as adjunct to health challenges including healing after cancer, physical injuries, healthy aging.- Orienting ourselves towards flourishing health. - The mechanics of yoga and mindfulness to foster vitality and wellness. - How dynamic yogic interventions can be. - How to co-create with challenges in life through nervous system optimization.

Episode Four: Yoga RX

Episode Four: Discover from the perspectives of integrative health advocates and an array of providers on why they are seeing a need for education and use of mind body modalities such as yoga in Health Care. This episode unveils the need to implement yogic and mind body modalities into patient and provider care while showing practical ways this is already happening. Main takeaways:- The realization of needing more presence in patient care and efficacy around holistic health.- Defining proactive and participatory health to reduce health care costs allocation.- The power of education on yoga and mind body interventions within health care and medical schools to improve a wider lens on supporting patients while also preventing burnout in providers.- The accessibility and power of mindfulness being implemented in health care and addressing the current barriers we are overcoming as a collective.- Examples of bringing yoga and mindfulness into clinical care. - The use and application of yoga therapy in health care and the impact of a regulated nervous system in health and treatments. New Episodes drop every Monday! Next episode dives into the education happening behind the scenes within our training programs and how we are teaching trainees to deliver this work in an accessible way within studios and taking it beyond the studio.

Episode Five: Radiance Unleashed

Episode Five: Welcome to a peak into our most sacred work. Where education and personal transformation meet. This episode shares inside our training and education experiences through the eyes of our community highlighting the impact of mindfulness based education while also sharing deeper into our philosophies, framework for teaching and ways we fulfill a high standard of excellence at MelMarie Yoga.Main takeaways:- How accessible our education experience are. - How dynamic the individuals who train at MelMarie Yoga range- from medical professionals to health enthusiasts to those seeking self care and deeper meaning in life or those recovering from challenges. All walks are welcome in our school as we keep our programs accessible, relevant, and inclusive for the diverse community that joins us in training. - Why mentoring during the training experience is so powerful. - Our specialization in training business so our graduates have the tools to impact and serve their communities while creating sustainable paths for themselves. - Why we do not believe in gatekeeping and what makes us so unique among other schools. - A glimpse of the diverse paths of education we provide including accessible module/remote formats to in person experiences that support local studios. Our mission to guide you personally in creating a life you do not need to escape from and collectively elevating accessible mindfulness and yoga in public domains. 

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