Begin Learning Your Human Design

What is Human Design? 

The power of self knowledge is endless. By understanding our nature, organic gifts and energy cycles we can live in a way that feels aligned and natural for ourselves. So much of life we are taught to push, force or become based on externalized pressures. The relief of human design helps us understand our unique make up blending ancient modalities to comprehend the gifts we offer as an individual to the collective. No more forcing or trying to become something that feels out of sync with your rhythms and nature. 

We are flooded with messages about who we should be and how we should operate, but Human Design is a system based on your birth time, date, location that shows us a roadmap of our unique expression. It supports us in identifying our innate gifts, traits and energy cycles which aid relief and clarity in living a beautiful and regulated life. Human Design blends ancient modalities and wisdom to interpret our nature, work with challenges and learn our organic flow for optimal living from environment to how we engage with others to rest cycles to innovation. Lean into the clarity and begin with Mel today. 

I love this Q&A on Human Design from Goop

Chart Blueprint and Overview

This is not a scheduled session but through purchasing this option, Mel will email you your chart and details. She will then voice message you through a mentoring app with details and interpretations of your human design chart. You will have 10 days after receiving your chart to continue the conversation and diving into your chart with all your questions through the Mentoring App. 

Get Your Blueprint and Begin: 

Investment $85 

Schedule 1:1 Session with Mel 

This 60 minute session will include an overview of the chart and teaching you foundations in understanding your design. You will be given gems to continue your growth and journey in understanding your human design. 

Schedule with Mel through the form below. 

Investment: $125

Begin an Aligned Mentorship with Mel based on Your Human Design 

Unlimited access to Mel. This includes a 1:1 session to review your chart together and a continued journey of learning, exploring and deepening into your nature through coaching, lifestyle optimization and more through the Aligned Mentorship. 

Send a message below to request a Human Design Themed Aligned Mentorship. 

Begin Your Aligned Mentorship

If you purchased one of the above, send an email through this form to get started on your service. If you are curious for more information, please email Mel for more details. 

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