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Yoga Therapy is a co-creative and person-centered process oriented towards healing and improving quality of life. Yoga Therapy with Mel blends self realization, yoga philosophy, movement practices, mindfulness, Joytish, vibrational medicine and other mind body modalities into tailored experiences to pacify imbalance, increase mobility, improve mental hygiene and aid optimal function of mind, body and heart. 

Intuitive Coaching and Yoga Therapy provide guidance and counsel from the disciplines of yoga therapy, self care, mind-body medicine, stress management, and more aiding the ability to yield deeper and clearer co-creative relationships within your life and with yourself. Mel utilizes tools from mind body modalities to personalize your experience in a way unlike any other. Intuitive Coaching and Yoga Therapy awaken deeper insight, creative reframing, embodiment, and the internal work through movement, creative self inquiry and mindfulness.

Intuitive Coaching and Yoga Therapy Addresses:

Stress + Overwhelm: Discover self trust, restorative practices, healing the nervous system and mental clarity. Explore the power of the mind, narrative healing, and evidence informed stress reduction practices to cultivate balance. 

Feeling out of Sync: Come back into alignment through guided self inquiry, embodiment and lifestyle actions to meet you where you are and cultivate inner authority. 

New Beginnings, Transition + Adapting to Change: Guided movement and body work to support processing feelings, sharpening your intuition, disrupting mental feedback loops that keep you stuck, and learning self compassion and how to make choices you feel confident about. 

Anxiety + Self Purpose: Explore your nature and gifts through Vedic techniques that give permission, clarity and actions to support you in feeling stable and on your path. 

Pain Management + Health Maintenance: Work on the psychic-somatic aspect of disease to regulate the mind and body addressing inflammation, illness and pain. 

Sessions are uniquely tailored according to individual needs, assessments and requests. 


Uncover the blocks and imbalances as you work towards your professional aspirations. Allow yourself to be supported through holistic ways to embrace your value, provide clarity for your direction and cultivate more business savvy to increase impact, expression and flow.

Many are being called into leadership through starting businesses, growing private practices, rising in organizations, and even leading with love in parenting, partnerships and other domains. Leadership skills invite a healthy landscape of honesty, nourished expression, and grounded power. When we are planted in sustainable and soulful leadership- the call to rise becomes natural, authentic, and spacious. 


Awaken vitality in your emotional and spiritual hygiene while addressing interpersonal relationships, trauma recovery through Yoga Therapy and developing a healthy inner landscape for more joy, clarity and growth.

Self discovery is an ever-evolving process that awakens us in to our highest potential again and again. Learn about your nature, tendencies, gifts and energy type through a Vedic lens while blending narrative and energetic healing to carry with you into your day to day life. Reclaim your relationship with yourself, befriend your body, discover mindfulness based techniques to elevate the quality of each moment. 

Through each session, you will uncover the underlying imbalances and draw insight on refining lifestyle choices, practices and tools to access optimal health and wellness. Begin creating a life that is co-creative with your heart, recover your sense of wholeness and discover clarity that awakens more meaning, resiliency, and confidence.  

To begin, schedule your initial consultation (90 min) session with Mel by contacting below AND completing this form. Initial Consultations are $240 and are to be paid 24 hours before your first session with Mel. 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation or Request More Information.

Once you have completed your initial consultation, you may choose to schedule as needed or expand your healing through coaching packages to support neural patterning, mental hygiene and sustainable self care. 

All sessions are remote. 


Find new ways to enrich your life.
Begin living on purpose by creating a life by design rather than living by default.
Learn the art of self care.
Create relief, clarity, and centered awareness.
Pinpoint and resolve patterns that inhibit abundance and wellness.
Discover what truly makes you feel alive by letting go of what does not serve you.
Deepen your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to enhance presence.
Learn how to tune into your intuitive guidance system and develop self-trust, confidence, and self-worth.
Release habits of perfectionism and move into deeper connection.


The 4 Week coaching package aids discovering your alignment physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally while building traction toward the change and results you want to create. 


  • (4) 60-minute sessions (Zoom) 
  • 4 weeks of mentoring through our mentoring voice chat app with 24 hr access to Mel. 
  • Full Month All Access to MelMarie Studio Self Care at Home
  • Invitational homework, reading and resources to dive deeper into your self care. 

Investment: $750


Begin reclaiming yourself through a 3 Month Package cultivating a deeper capacity of self awareness, embodiment  and self confidence through regular maintenance. You will develop tools for self referral, personal alignment, and more meaning within your life. 


  • (9) 60-min sessions (Zoom) 
  •  weeks of mentoring through our mentoring voice chat app with 24 hr access to Mel.
  • Three Months All Access to MelMarie Studio Self Care at Home
  • Invitational homework, reading and resources to expand and maintain your self care. 

Investment: $2222


Benefit from a transformative 6 Month Coaching Package of really "doing the work", shifting into more being-ness and embodiment, addressing the root of subconscious patterns and healing tendencies that inhibit your gifts, confidence and fullness. 


  • (18) 60-min sessions (Zoom) 
  •  24 weeks of mentoring through our mentoring voice chat app with 24 hr access to Mel.
  • Six Months All Access to MelMarie Studio Self Care at Home
  • Invitational homework, reading and resources to expand and maintain your self care. 

Investment: $5400



• The belief of being limited in our work, potential, and what we may abundantly attract. 
• Fear, resistance and denial of our own power.
• The inability to trust ourselves and Providence.
• Burnt out, depleted and exhausted from the effort of leading. 
• Issues of comparison, competition, jealousy, and judgment with others.
• Not knowing what is needed to establish healthy boundaries.
• Subscribing to the belief of 'not being good enough', 'smart enough' or 'enough enough'.
• Lack of clarity of our gifts, who we are, or feeling pressured to compromise who we are.
• Feeling conflicted about leaning in, becoming visible and seen.
• Overly thinking and judgmental.

Professional development may organically be included in Intuitive Coaching and Yoga Therapy sessions or can be accessed through Mentoring Services below.


Mel infuses her wisdom, experiences and education to guide you as you lean deeper into your soul calling. The work you feel you came here to do. Mel blends a holistic outlook on mindful business management, innovation and community growth and has mentored hundreds of professionals in conscious business practices. 

EARTH: Clarity, Grounding, Confidence, Negotiation, Trust.

Learn to explore resources that will improve your ability to be fierce yet flexible within your business endeavors and practices. We will develop a clear and strong game plan that will direct you into the direction you desire to take.

WATER: Speaking, Writing, Delegating, Resilience, Flow, Collaboration.

Shift into a habitual flow of practices that fill your business with the meaningful details that convey, extend, and move your mission into powerful action. We will yield practices of resiliency and rising during the waves of business that may be overwhelming, daunting- yet refining. 

FIRE: Strength, Mindful Stamina, Sales, Motivation, Courage.

Cultivate the fire that motivates and establishes strong healthy habits of business maintenance and courage to show up into the work you love. We will fine tune strength and skills to keep your light strong, steady and ignited. 

AIR: Managing, Creativity, Expanding, Perspective, Breath.

Develop skills to manage and ground anxiety that tends to overwhelm and distract you from the creative flow of leadership. Orchestrate your thoughts with intention, your reactions with breath and management with creative integrity. 

These person centered sessions are designed to help you get moving in the right direction while providing tools, practices and a container  that drives professional abundance. 


Love Letters

"I received so MUCH from the coaching calls - very grateful, thank you." - Owner of Massage Clinic NMT, LMT in New Mexico

"Working with Melissa was amazing and helped me realized how important my own personal growth is in order pursue my dreams. What I learned has helped me not just sell art, but to really create an experience for clients as a conscious Art Gallery. I am grateful for the direction and developing a really well rounded vision for what I want to serve." -Art Gallery Owner in Florida 

"Since working with Melissa, I have noticed positive growth on my business and my ability to stay accountable to the work I love. The guidance and wisdom I received from our sessions are incomparable." - Yoga Teacher, Photographer, Entrepreneur in Arizona

"The coaching session helped me immensely. I am very grateful for her in depth responses and her spirit! Beautiful work you are doing profound and needed." - Pilates Teacher in Florida

"I felt an emotional connection from the first coaching call I had with Melissa Aguirre...and just being able to talk and connect with someone who truly had some of the same life experiences that I did and passion was very refreshing. She has helped me change my limiting beliefs making my day to day so much more empowering and positive." - Massage Therapist in Colorado 

"Melissa helped me realize that I have been putting myself last for the past decade. Investing in my self care transformation has been the best thing I could have done. I am feeling healthier, more confident, and lighter since working with Melissa. These skills have transferred over into my essential oils business and leadership skills as well. I am basking in this process." - DoTerra Oil Consultant in Florida

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