Reiki Certification Training 

Join us on Saturday, February 17 for Reiki Level One Certification!

About the Course

Imagine tapping into your innate nourishment, frequency and energetic healing through the organic practice of Reiki. Reiki has been used in clinical care, holistic health and yoga to optimize vitality in patients and clients alike. This blended experience of self discovery and adding a powerful tool to your tool box elevates you in the delivery of wellness to your community and personal life fostering more harmony and vitality. 

Benefits Include:

  • Stress management and relaxation skills. 
  • Easing discomfort, pain management, and boosting health. 
  • Enhanced self connection and personal growth. 
  • Ability to use for yourself, clients, friends, family, or even pets.
  • Using the laws of physics and nature's vitality to optimize well being. 

Our bodies have a natural life force pulse. Reiki is like a soothing hug for your mind and body delivered from a holistic scope of understanding energy, presence and the natural flow of prana. The technique allows you to learn how to enhance pranic vitality and moving out di-ease that disrupts natural life force flow and blocks. It is a less invasive approach to regenerate, improve mindset, and access stress relief through the the body promoting natural health and currents of energy within the body. Reiki is known for instilling a deep sense of peace and relaxation optimizing yoga practices, meditation and other methods of health and wellness. 

No Previous Experience Needed. Eva teaches in the Holy Fire Reiki technique. This level one training is easy to learn, and powerful to use on yourself, friends, family, pets, and in your yoga practice. Everyone is welcome! Whether you are a yoga student, body worker, or medical professional, you will definitely benefit from the material presented!

At the end of this 8 hour workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion. You will have the skills and knowledge needed to immediately start giving yourself and others powerful Reiki treatments! 

You will interact LIVE with lessons, attunements, practice time, questions, and answers via Zoom with myself and other students.

In Level I Reiki training - you will learn:

  • What Reiki is, how it works, and practices to apply it in your everyday life.
  • Receive your first placement (attunement) for Reiki 1 Level.
  • History of Reiki 
  • The Gassho Meditation Technique
  • How to use the Japanese technique Byosen Scanning.
  • How to give yourself a Reiki treatment
  • Kenyoku technique to strengthen your own energy and to disconnect from energy that is not yours - super critical for those who work with clients or patients. 

WHEN: Saturday, February 17 at 9am-6pm with a one hour break for lunch and several mini breaks. 

WHERE: Cozy from your home via Zoom through MelMarie Yoga for a powerful day of reiki training. You will receive a manual via mail (digital copies are available - message for instructions).

INVESTMENT: $197 MMY student and alumni, $247 Non-students

REGISTER HERE: MelMarie Graduates + Trainee Tuition | Regular Tuition 

$100 Deposit Link | Remaining balance is due before class begins. 

  • Directions – Will be emailed to you after registration 
  • Register early to have time for the manual to be mailed to you.

Upon successful completion, your certificate will be awarded. When you finish with this workshop, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to give yourself and others a powerful Reiki healing treatment!


About Eva

With over two decades of comprehensive experience in the medical field, Eva ZobianWolf, RN, C-IAYT stands as a beacon of holistic wellness and adaptive practices. A seasoned Mind Body Specialist, Nurse, and Adaptive Yoga Therapist, Eva brings a depth of knowledge from her varied roles in the medical industry and mind body medicine.

Specializing in addressing the profound effects of stress on the body, Eva has a keen focus on individuals grappling with chronic illness, pain, or mobility challenges. Her methodologies integrate an impressive range of practices, encompassing Adaptive Yoga, Reiki, and various mindfulness-based strategies. As a vital member of our faculty, Eva's teachings are enriched by her unique blend of medical expertise and holistic wellness approaches.

Deeply committed to the broader impact of wellness, Eva has extended her mission to combat nurse burnout, emphasizing the importance of mental, physical, and emotional health. Her contributions don't end with her professional commitments. Eva has been actively involved with adaptive cycling groups supporting Veterans and First Responders with PTSD. Her collaborations also extend to multiple military and civilian addiction recovery entities, introducing adaptive movement and mindfulness strategies.

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