Corporate Wellness Services 

Legal & Professional Services 

Long days, high stress, and paperwork can often lead to high doctor bills, turnover, absenteeism. Combat back pain, stress and fatigue with functional yoga and movement medicine to enhance performance, focus, and employee satisfaction.

By offering mindful and movement services that address your team's health and wellness will only make them more effective, reduce stress, energize and address self care. The small costs of instituting these services for your employees outweighs the cost of low productivity and the effects of stress in the workplace.

Law Firms 

Accountant Services 

Tax and Insurance Services

Government Services 

First Responders 

Banking Services 

S E R V I C E S 

Yoga Packages 

One Yoga Session

$180 per hour

Six Yoga Sessions

$800 (Savings of $282)

Eight Yoga Sessions

$1000 (Savings of $440)

Corporate Wellness Membership

To MelMarie Yoga Academy; 

This includes unlimited access for your employees to any class, workshop, series or event. 

Company Investment: $900 per month

For us to come to you;

A wellness membership where we come to you cultivates sustainable health maintenance options for your employees and team. Lead by example improving company culture through wellness.

Company Investment:

A six month commitment || we come TWICE each week || $5600 (Valued at $8640)

A six month commitment || we come ONCE each week || $3000 (Valued at $4320)

Integrative Lifestyle Workshops 

These workshops are informed by current movement science to combat back pain, stress and fatigue. Discover ways to develop resilience and enhance performance while increasing strength and range of motion. Preserve your health by integrating mindful movement and meditation techniques into your already full life. 

This Workshop Includes; 

Handouts | Functional Movement through Yoga | Sustainable Health Maintenance Techniques

Company investment of $250 for 1.5 hours. 

Mindful Resiliency Training 

Learn more about the cutting edge science of mindfulness and anti-fragile by integrating functional stretching and mindful movement into your business and services. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn techniques to reduce stress in the workplace all while combating the challenge of sedentary lifestyles. Make your wellness maintenance relevant to the work you are already doing; whether to manage your own health or to offer to those you come in contact with. 

Improve your life, improve your work.

For more information email or call 704-962-0771

Additional Services: 


Establish Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques 

20 Minute Guided Meditation and Restoration || Investment of $50

40 Minute Yoga Nidra for Clarity || Investment $120


45 Minute Lunch Break Yoga || Investment $125
60 Minute Yoga for Stress Management || Investment $180
60 Minute Yoga and Meditation || Investment $180
Chair Yoga (Office Yoga) || Investment $180

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