Align Mentorship with Mel

The magic on consistent support, sound boarding and mentoring...

Utilizing the ancient wisdom of the Vedas alongside modern business savvy make 1:1 mentoring with Mel a powerful tool literally in your back pocket. This mentorship is facilitated through a walkie talkie app on your phone that gives you 24 hour access to Mel and her guidance as you venture into self healing, professional development or living like you practice. You can be anywhere in the world and enjoy this resource and the heart Mel puts into her mentoring clients.

Teachings and techniques are provided and shaped for your personal interests and needs to truly create the life you desire. Mel works with everything from you environment, relationships, subconscious beliefs, self care practices, movement, breath, meditation tools and self discovery dialogue to aid you in allowing change to change you. 

This membership is for those who are ready...

To lean in and make moves. 

To apply the techniques and unpack what holds you back.

To learn new modalities of healing alongside refining ways of living. 

To receive and be nourished by mind body medicine, Vedic wisdom and stress management tools.

At any moment you desire. 

No more waiting until the session or feeling guidance is unaccessible.

Journey with Mel in her Align Mentorship.

Mel works with a limited number of people during the season.

If you are ready to step into this experience, begin with your first month at a special rate of $500

After your first month, the monthly membership is $750 or 

choose the Annual (12 months) membership and make it a year of you for $8000 or 4 Installments of $2000

MELMARIE YTT Graduates are eligible for the special gift of ongoing mentorship with Mel at $150/month

Once you choose your path and submit your installment, you will receive an email within 24 hours from Mel with instructions for next steps including a unique consultation form to guide the journey together. 

The depth, intimacy and amount of resources Mel gives in this membership including access to her virtual studio on demand and depending on your journey and unique needs possible access to live events and workshops to be included within your membership. This is personalized and Mel will meet you as deep and wide as you desire to go. 

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