300 Hour Live Stream Advanced Yoga Training


The Adaptive Therapeutics Module Based Yoga Teacher Training Program offers the flexibility to commit to a training pathway that fits your scheduling needs. 

Immerse in higher learning by taking the initiative to become a 500 level RYT with our Adaptive Therapeutic Advanced Program providing skills in Inclusive Sequencing, Self Care, and Professional Development.

Our program is an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive system of adaptive yoga designed to inform, equip and inspire our students while offering a transformational experience which exceeds the industry standard and minimum requirements set by Yoga Alliance. The program highlights the evidence based research supporting Yoga and articulates the important role this powerful modality plays in living well, health interventions today and the continuum of care (CAM). The integrative components of this training are based on our speciality training in the therapeutic application of yoga, the use of yoga as a complimentary medicine, and case study facilitation is not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

This program is partnered with North Western Health Sciences University's The Institute for Integrative Care. 


- A comprehensive Training Manual and Materials (either mailed or given at enrollment) to support your journey, house notes for your workshops, and offer a creative space for you to grow through the program. 

-Up to 5 Workshops a week to choose from based on your training pathway to design the perfect training schedule for you.

- Monthly 1:1 mentoring and training with Mel either on zoom or in person.

-  24/7 access to Mel directly through a walkie talkie mentoring app where you and Mel correspond, integrate and deep dive in between sessions.

- Monthly group integration sessions with other trainees in the 300 Hour program to ensure you are applying, connecting and processing the experience.

- Full Access to the MelMarie Virtual Studio with on demand resources and classes, live virtual yoga with Mel, a self care portal and more. 

- The opportunity to be partnered with another trainee in the program to build community and practice teaching. We cycle training buddies every 3 months so you will have the opportunity to connect with new people and fine tune your teaching skills. 

- Weekly email with upcoming classes that week, self care tools, resources and more. 

You will learn to tailor sequences, mindfulness interventions, and implement holistic methods for special populations in restorative settings. This program will cultivate a deeper grasp for yoga philosophy, the use of evidence informed practice and incorporating yoga in a professional way while deepening your understanding in principles to optimize whole health. This training emphasizes on the importance of adequate self care, creating and holding space for others, holistic wellness, and the power of lifestyle choice. Designed to complement approaches already being used in client and patient centered professions, explore the important role this powerful therapy plays in living well, health care today and the continuum of care.

"This training has been such a wonderful experience! Everyone who came along this journey each brought their own amazing spirit, love, and care. I loved learning so much information about the chakras, yoga for anxiety, yoga for depression, prenatal yoga and most importantly self care. Thank you Melissa! This training has transformed my life for the best." Tracy, 300 Hour Graduate


Pay in Full | Start for $500 and set up a payment plan when you enroll. 


15% off Military Discount & MYCAA Scholarship Eligible 

Contact below for more details. Once you send your deposit or installment, Mel will be in touch to schedule your enrollment, mail you your materials and get you started in 1:1 Mentoring to begin your journey. 

This program includes Mind-Body Medicine, Structural Integration, Subtle Anatomy, Quantum Physiology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Yoga for Prevention, Recovery, and Maintenance of health, Ayurvedic Medicine, The Chakra Modality, Stress Pathogenesis and Management, Yoga in Behavioral Health, Non-communicable Diseases Pacification, Yoga for the Military Population, Taking Yoga into the World through Profession and Practice, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for Pain Management, Fascia, Biomechanics and Kinesthetic Literacy, and much more! 

For those looking to become a Yoga Therapist, this program is part of the training pathway. Learn more here. 

For more on information contact below.