Phase Two Immersion

Our Immersion Phase Two training is required to complete after all four modules and Phase One trainings have been completed. The residential aspect of this program cycles every other year and is scheduled for January 2025. Trainees must complete the virtual training before joining the in person immersion as this integrates methodology, curriculum, philosophies and clinical yoga therapy together to equip trainees to prepare for graduation and  beginning their career in Yoga Therapy as a Yoga Therapist. 

Virtual Training

Phase Two Virtual Training

Our Phase Two 20 Hour Virtual Training is designed to integrate and prepare for Phase Two residential training. Training virtual access is provided by program director once all required content is completed. 

Courses include: Representing and Advocating for Yoga Therapy, Developing Your Yoga Therapy Provider Resource, Reviewing Clinical Scenarios, and Developing Effective Treatment Plans. 

Residential Training

Phase Two 28 Hour Residential Immersion

The next residential training dates are scheduled for January 2025. Trainees will be approved to participate once all required courses are completed. This in person immersion fine-tunes Clinical Assessments including client adherence and qualitative assessments. Trainees will deepen their ability to develop effective treatment plans and apply in clinical scenarios. The immersion will close off with training clinicals and clinical practice to ensure trainees are ready for graduation and to begin their Yoga Therapy Career. 

This course occurs over a four day period between 8am-4pm.

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