Module One: Macro and Micro Functionality

Upcoming Training Dates: November 2023 

This module dives into functional and structural modalities to comprehensively understand mindful movement, stretching therapeutic sequencing and rehabilitative Yoga Therapy. Students will learn about conventional health care, economics and models to aid their clinical application of Yoga Therapy blending allopathic knowledge with Vedic traditions. Students will also receive a thorough training in myofascial stretching to optimize sequencing safely and based in the wisdom of biomechanics. 

Topics Include: Yoga Therapy and Health Economics, Inclusivity in Yoga Therapy, Health Constituents and Models, Foundations, Distortion and Breath, Structural Integrity and Myofascial Stretching and Improving Functional Potential .

Module Two: Consciousness and Thought Vitality 

Upcoming Training Dates: March 2024

This module is a deep dive into Vedic Philosophy and methods in understanding human consciousness, laws of physics and vibrational healing. Trainees will learn the history of IAYT and the evolution of Yoga Therapy, Teachers and Traditions. This module is a blend of honoring the ancient wisdom of India while applying into modern science, physics and healing. In addition, this module explores utilizing Yoga Therapy for pain management and working with noncommunicable disease. 

Courses Include: Philosophical Evolution of Yoga Therapy, 7 Systems of Indian Philosophy, Surya and Chandra, Yoga of the Mind: Samskara, Healing Codependency, Ayurvedic Psychology, Ego and The Shadow, Polyvagal Theory, Narrative Psychology, Conventional Pain Management, Noncommunicable Diseases, Physiology of Pain and Pleasurable Neuromuscular Pathways.

Module Three: Integrative Mind Body Healing 

Upcoming Training Dates: June 2024

This module anchors into the philosophies and modern modalities of Mental Health guiding trainees to explore and learn about current methods of treatment and how Yoga Therapy serves as adjunct and complimentary care for mental health pathology. Trainees will also learn about utilizing yoga therapy for cardiovascular health and illnesses, mind body medicine, the placebo effect as it relates to Vedic Teachings and a full day of Advanced Ayurveda.  

Courses Include: Cardiovascular Health, Mental Health and Yoga Therapy, Affective Disorders, Mindfulness Based Healing, Advanced Ayurveda, Tantra, Mindfulness Based Healing, Compassion Based Healing, Our Bodies and Their Sensations, Yoga Therapy and Placebo and Pleasurable Neuromuscular Pathways .

Module Four: Remembering Wholeness 

Upcoming Training Dates: September 2024

This module covers assessment methods and styles that equip trainees with unique ways to identify imbalances and illness through Vedic wisdom that informs treatment plans and clinical yoga therapy. Trainees will learn to work with therapeutic group co-horts developing programs and maintaining group coherence through the process. In addition, this module dives into Yoga Therapy for Oncology, Neurological Health and aspects that enrich clinical yoga therapy. 

Courses Include: Assessment Structures, Adherence and Qualitative Assessments, Therapeutic Group Cohorts, Burnout Prevention, Niyamas and Adaptive Coping, Yoga Therapy and Oncology, Neurological Health, Optimizing Brain Health in Aging Adults, Group Ethics in Practice and Process, and Yoga and Religious Inclusivity.