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“ Working with Melissa has really helped me. I used to think that yoga was all stretching and for those who were very flexible. Through her program, she showed me how restorative yoga could help me relax and increase my flexibility. She also taught me about using yoga as a meditation technique to help with physical and mental issues. I am now sleeping better, have more energy throughout the day and I am performing better in my running and triathlons. She is truly a blessing and would recommend that everyone do her class.”

Chris Uggiano
Wounded Warrior Project.

"Yoga is a new venture for me. Melissa has made this journey enjoyable and fun. She has a sweet spirit and is very in tune with the benefits of yoga. She is an EXCELLENT instructor. I highly recommend her to everyone interested in the practice of yoga! "

Denise Mercado Fayetteville Hyperbarics, LLC.

"After playing college football and being in the military I have chronic pain in my lower back and hips. After working with Melissa all the pain is virtually gone.Her classes are great and she always makes sure to focus on troubled areas. She also makes the classes new and exciting every time so they are never monotonous. I highly recommend her expertise and feel that her classes truly make me a better athlete."

- M.B. Special Forces

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Melissa Aguirre, endorsing both her professional knowledge and personal conduct as a licensed yoga therapist. I didn't plan on having a back injury in November 2014 but that is exactly what happened. While preparing for another deployment, I lifted a heavy container and injured my back. It turns out that I ruptured the disc at L4/5 and later herniated this disc into my right L5 nerve root. The pain and disability was excruciating. I became depressed and anxious about how I would provide for my family. Initially, nothing helped but over the course of 2-3 months I attained limited relief with medication and physical therapy. All the while I was considering the prospect of back surgery. I knew Melissa personally and reached out to her for help with managing my condition.

All I can say is “Thank God!” Once I incorporated Melissa's advice with yoga, breathing techniques, and posture, my pain levels dramatically decreased. Melissa's knowledge, patience and skill were exactly what I needed to create an integrated approach to my chronic problem. Additionally, when I become lax in practicing what I've been taught, I can simply refresh myself and get back on the program. Her efforts have equipped me for years to come as I am more educated about how to care for myself. Despite her youth, Melissa possesses a mature spirit that helps her channel enthusiasm and joy towards patients struggling with painful conditions. As a Family Medicine physician in the United States Army, my patients have become indirect beneficiaries of my experience with Melissa. My work with Melissa has paid for itself ten-fold, and I am confident that her careful approach and professional integrity will serve you well in caring for patients with a variety of painful ailments."

- US Army Family Medicine Physician 

I started going to Melissa Aguirre's yoga classes in 2015 at Living Balance studio in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I was in search of finding peace and serenity. Due to the stressful lifestyle of being in the military. At the time I was a Paratrooper in a Long Range Surveillance unit. To compliment my workout routine I would practice yoga once a week. The hour long class was amazing. Melissa provided me with proper instruction of form and technique. 

- L.M.

Melissa has been an amazing teacher. I started taking yoga classes with her a year ago and had no idea what I was doing but she is so positive and caring that she brought me along to love doing yoga. She has been a great teacher who listens to what you need to work on and improves your weakness. She really makes yoga such an enjoyable time that it will be a life long joy for me. As a solider she has been able to gear the sessions to my needs and has eliminated any back painI have had. I cant think of a better person to have learned yoga from or to do yoga with.

- P.D.

Melissa is professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in her craft. If, it had not been for her guidance and belief in me, I would probably be walking around in substantial pain with very poor posture. After 16 sessions (and homework a few days per week) I am able to raise my hands above my head (without significant pain) and move with greater confidence than before. Melissa provides a safe, inspiring, and nurturing environment for anyone at any age looking to grow in strength, mind, body, and soul. Believe me,I have taken other Yoga lessons before and none of the instructors left me feeling like I should return for a second session.

- A.M.

Melissa Aguirre is not only a remarkable Yoga instructor, she is also an inspiration,health educator, and encourager. During some of the roughest years of my life Melissa gave me something to look forward to and an hour I knew I could escape everything going on in my life and just focus on me. I have become addicted to Yoga since starting to practice with Melissa. I never knew my body had the capacity to do the things it can now and the strength I continue to gain. I truly am going to miss my “Melissa Yoga” as my husband and the others that were regulars with Melissa would say but I am glad that she can spread some of her beautiful old soul with the rest of the world.I highly recommend Melissa as a Yoga instructor and health educator to everyone. She is definitely one person that has changed my life for the better and helped me on my journey of growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.

- S. A.

I have been a student of Melissa Aguirre at LivingBalance Studio in Fayetteville, NC. She is an excellent teacher of yoga,meditation, and mindfulness. She has inspired me to strive for equilibrium in all aspects of life and has made a positive impact on my life. She is intelligent, high energy and very adaptable. I recommend her highly as an instructor and motivator.

- H.R. 

"My daughter miraculously survived a hit and run 5/6/18 we almost lost her. She has lost her memory from trauma to her head and has therapy almost every other day non stop when we went to a support group meeting and met the owner I just knew I had to talk my daughter into going. You see my daughter use to do hot yoga she had a membership but she doesn’t remember. I went with my Romelia today and I saw the life of memory in her posture positions. This yoga 🧘‍♀️ Studio is in a great location plenty of space the staff is thoroughly trained. I highly recommend this gentle class for beginners for new yogas." -Rosa

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials 

"This whole training experience has been nothing short of a pure gift. The ability to learn from and get to know Melissa has been an incredible journey. The provided space was comfortable and inviting to share, to grow, and to learn- learn about ourselves, learn about the common thread of why we are all here. What a lovely space to adapt and share with self love. -Madi, RYT 200

"This program has given me the tools to explore new opportunities in life that I never imagined possible. Along the way of learning, I was also able to address and improve myself. I will be able to begin my new endeavors with the knowledge I gained. -Joanne, RYT200

I was drawn to MelMarie Yoga Academy due to her training as a Yoga Therapist and her engagement in integrative modalities (holistic services for healing). At the time I was in my master's program for Integrative Medicine and wanted to delve deeper into mind-body practices to support my future clients holistically. Evidence-based practices and science is important to me and aids how I help my clients heal chronic illness. Melissa was able to provide sound practices from research. 

Most importantly, I joined a journey of personal growth, built both physical and spiritual confidence, joined a community of women that shard my values, and curated discernment in my own career on how I serve others. I graduated with my 200RYT in August of 2019 and fully recommend her Academy and services for those seeking healing opportunities outside of the traditional realm of health care. 

And Melissa is a gem! I have had the opportunity to have her both as a mentor and to work beside her on projects to support our community. Her programs are genuine and approachable! She inspires more within you than you will ever expect to gain. - Donnelle D

With all my heart I recommend Mel Marie yoga! I recently completed my RYT200 training with Melissa during quarantine. She was above and beyond accommodating and flexible to my schedule. And, although the training was conducted through live zoom format, she was completely dedicated to making sure I received the most comprehensive and meaningful experience possible. I am now fully prepared to combine my newly achieved RYT certification with my nursing profession to provide integrative strategies and support to those suffering from chronic illness. 
Patricia Ireland Garza MSN, NP, RYT200

Yoga is a self study practice and it is the journey of the self to the self- MelMarie Yoga provided a safe space for growth and expansion. Nothing compares to a program that strives to help you in this journey 🙏🏽 So grateful for my experience and for the new found soul family. - Ale

I started my my 200 hr RYT a little over a month ago. MelMarie Yoga was able to accommodate effectively and safely to the current circumstances of COVID-19. The course is thorough and very enlightening. I've worked with multiple adjunct instructors and Melissa herself. They all create such a warm and inviting space for you to enter. You're definitely making the right choice with this studio! - Rachelle

I am completing MelMarie Yoga's 300 hour Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga program today. The owner, Melissa, graciously allowed me to transfer into her school and complete my hours with her class (my previous school folded). Her training program is the kind of nurturing and enlightening experience I always wanted but hadn't found in my prior school. Melissa is a wonderful instructor and leader within the yoga community. 10/10 would (and do) recommend! - Michelle B

I graduated from MelMarie Yoga Academy in April 2020. It was THE MOST beautiful, spiritual, healing journey. Melissa is a tiny, gorgeous powerhouse of a yoga instructor with the oldest soul I have ever personally known; and she has only been on this earth 26 years! Kindness and wisdom exude from her very being. She is eloquent, has an intoxicating sense of humor, loves to laugh at herself and WITH everyone with whom she chooses to be in relationship. She possess firm boundaries, self-respect and is passionate and supportive of her people. Her presence is delightful.

If you are interested in taking yoga and/or becoming an instructor, you have found THE BEST! She will not disappoint. - Becky F

What an amazing atmosphere of love ❤️! I loved being pushed beyond my comfort zone day two for popcorn Yoga Flow! 🍿 🍿 I remember thinking is Melissa serious I don’t even know the names to all these poses, but looking back through the program I completely understand and was thankful for those experiences. I love not relying on a script for a Flow, and taking the most important lesson of all which is honoring myself where I am presently. I did and still do not need to act, measure up or be like anyone except just me. I was grateful to have Melissa guide us each and everyday and weekend even during workshops❤️ Her insight and inspiration of you are able to get creative was AWESOME! -Stephanie 

I love how teacher training normalized yoga for something that is for everybody. It debunked so many myths I believed before starting the program. I now get to implement this practice on and off the mat. - Johanna, LPC

Teacher training is more than just learning about yoga poses, its about coming home to yourself. Its about embracing a way of life that speaks to your heart. This program came into my life exactly when I needed it. grateful for this beautiful experience and mentor, Melissa. - Jackie 

They tell you yoga is more than just a physical practice, but I can feel it more so now. Teacher training has been one of those things that you appreciate and love, but the deeper beauty of the experience slowly unravels as time passes. You begin to see how it is permanently shaping your journey and changing you in the slow, subtle ways. I LOVE how my life has been affected by the learning taking place in those safe, cozy spaces. - Rachel 

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