Vedic Membership

Vedic Philosophy

Discover the deeper domains of understanding the power of your unique nature through an ancient system of self understanding. 

Foundations of Jyotish

Uncover the influence of timing, planets and energy through both the Vedic understanding blended with modern physics to awaken vitality within your life. 

Your Holistic Interior

Break free from the externalized pressures and touch into the authentic domains of your nature, your gifts, and the power within. 

Multifaceted Approach

Apply yogic techniques and practices to pacify elements and aspects of charts while learning other modalities of self discovery such as human design, energy medicine and more. 

Our Vedic Membership is designed with the intention to make these teachings accessible to those on all different paths. Some may be just getting started and their curiosity is awakened where some are ready to fully immerse themselves in the art of self knowing with more person centered attention throughout the journey while others want it all and to develop the skill to use and apply Jyotish in their personal and professional life.

About Vedic Astrology

Astrology has been a tool used since the beginning on time. From deciding marriage compatibility to understanding human consciousness and as far as being part of the Monarchs, timing for battle, and the playground that derived our modern understanding of the cosmos- For thousands of years, Astrology has been applied in an abundance of ways while navigating cultural interests and influences. 

The science of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is one of four Yoga Sciences. It is an ancient Indian Philosophical System that studies the movement of nature, planets and constellations as it relates to human life, timing, and purpose. Jyotish translates as "the science of light" emphasizing the importance of our self awareness and how our awareness informs our free will.

There is a quote that says “Life does not happen to you, it happens through you.” Often it is used as a reframe to empower us in choosing how we navigate life. In a similar way, awareness on our planetary cycles and seasons aids us in how to let life happen through you rather than to you. Awareness on our birth chart is the gentle relief that gives insight to the curriculum you are learning as you live and the unique gifts, tendencies, and essence that are within you. This Vedic Science awakens us from living in impulse or reactivity to welcoming presence and self awareness. 

The science that was once married to Astronomy. The science that gives us insight on the morphogenetic and magnetic field of our universe, Astrology has been the underlain current for much of what is conscious and unconscious to us. The sky is much more than an object for us to view in awe over but a mechanism that evolves human consciousness, triggers cycles and keeps our world moving.

May this science expand and make a home through your own understandings and the ways you share your work with the world. May it bring you relief, peace and courage. The clarity to walk with confidence in your own nature.

Cozy with Mel as she shares the teachings of Vedic Wisdom and the science of Jyotish through understanding the role of seasons, planets, and energy play in our destiny. 

The workshops and trainings debunk mainstream confusion around astrology and emphasizes the bio-energetic components of our mind, physiology and choices that influence health and well being. Vedic Astrology is a gift to understand the unique blueprint each of us carry to affirm our gifts, aid the tendencies within us that lead to dysfunction, while understanding the cosmic timing of our lives. 

When we work with our unique nature and the nature around us, we begin to live from a place of harmony and self trust. Foundations in Jyotish, understanding birth charts, self reflection and lifestyle application awaken the inner power of creating a life you do not need to escape from. 

We have created options for those with different interests in this topic. All options include full access to live-stream education (all accredited by Yoga Alliance) and dialogue and is open for anyone interested in learning more about Vedic Astrology, yoga teachers or providers who want to amplify their tool box and those seeking self knowledge and deeper embodiment of their truth within their lives. 


For those looking to begin their journey understanding the planets, zodiacs and seasons. This is for someone who just wants to play at their pace, explore self study and learn on their own terms while feeling supported with accessible content on Vedic Wisdom and Teaching. As the topic of Astrology is popularized, it can be confusing and daunting to understand the mechanics. This is a perfect place to begin, connect the dots, awaken, refresh and discover.



  • Vedic Chart and Seasons Sent to You when you Sign Up
  • Access to All On Demand Content and Workshops
  • Unlimited Access to Drop into a Live Vedic Workshop Each Month
  • PDF with Cheat Sheet and Guide

Other Vedic Options


The Mentorship is for those who seek to enjoy all the magic of the membership but would like more 1:1 support, personalized mentoring and a space to sound board and ask questions anytime they desire- this is for you. It includes a 1:1 chart reading with Mel along with a coaching container where you can be supported and ask as many questions as you  desire and personalize this work for your self growth, self care and self development.

Whether for personal life, business development and beyond, our Vedic Mentorship gives you both the education and the guidance you've been looking for. The first month is $350 and includes a full 1:1 Vedic Chart Reading with Mel and then mentorship subscription every month after is $222. You can cancel at anything.

This is a unique coaching container applying mind body modalities and vedic sciences to nourish you on your path. Whether you are going through a tough season or seeking an integrative coaching experience, begin your journey today. Once you start your membership, follow the instructions in your welcome email and we will flow from there! 


This is for you if... are interested in Yoga Philosophy and have always felt fascinated by the sky. If you are someone who desires to expand self literacy, self care and an off the mat layer to yoga teaching. want to be supported with a person centered mentorship through your journey as you learn and deepen into the timeless wisdom of astrology, yoga and self awareness. desire the opportunity to take your yoga knowledge to a higher level with a unique skillset that is becoming a higher demand and interest within the yoga industry.


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