Vedic Counseling

Learn the foundational wisdom of Joytish, the sister science of yoga- a Vedic science that aids assessments of clients to guide them into lifestyle choices, intentions and self care that pacific imbalances. This training will equip you in coaching clients through the landscape of self awareness and cosmic, environmental knowledge to evoke clarity, confidence and embodiment in one's nature. This program is seeped in yoga philosophy and vedic teachings to aid your understanding of nature and wellbeing. Students will learn more on lifestyle applications of Ayurveda, Chakras and Physics through the lens of Joytish teachings. This course is filled with 10 lessons over a 30 hour training course. Once the training is complete, students will receive a certification in Vedic Counseling.

What is Integrated Vedic Astrology Counseling?

  • Authentic Vedic Astrology teachings made accessible to 21st-century spiritual seekers and Yogis.
  • Introduction to all the foundational principles of Vedic Astrology and Vedic philosophy, with emphasis on counseling rather than prediction.
  • Integrating Vedic Sister sciences: Ayurveda and Yoga with Vedic Astrology.
  • Integrating Western models of knowledge that support Vedic psychology and philosophy, such as Jung and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.
  • Weaving both western and eastern mythology and storytelling, as well today’s classic films to deepen our knowledge of life and astrological principles.
  • Looking for overlap of Vedic knowledge with present-day scientific understanding of physical, mental, and spiritual problems.
  • Intersecting the divine planetary cycles of the Vimshottari Dasha with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey template to uncover the broad outline of our life’s story.

Why should Vedic Astrology be integrated into Yoga practice & trainings? 

Classical Yoga contains vast knowledge of human psychology and puts a great deal of emphasis on mental and spiritual health counseling. While Yoga and Ayurveda offer the remedies, Vedic Astrology, is the primary diagnostic tool of Yoga psychology. Called Jyotish in Sanskrit, or the “eyes of Vedas,it serves as the guide to all the Vedic branches of knowledge because it reveals the hidden dimensions of our psyche, as well as the hidden planetary periods (dashas) of our life’s journey. 

Fundamental Principles of Vedic Astrology Counseling:

  • Our psyche is much more than a product of the circumstances of our current life. 
  • The Vedic horoscope illuminates our Samskaras, which are the accumulated experiences from present and past lives, ancestral memories, and our cultural heritage, that are deeply rooted in our psyche.
  • Our Samskaras reveal our deeply embedded paradigms of belief, including our psychological foundation, desires, fears, aspirations, and mental and physical health tendencies, making it possible to predict the possible course of our life through astrological techniques.
  • Karma is the actions we perform as a result of our Samskara. The evolutionary growth cycle of birth, death, rebirth, and resulting karma is the path the soul takes on its journey towards the realization of its cosmic roots (liberation).
  • As revealed by the horoscope, each person’s body/mind/consciousness or karmic ecosystem is unique, therefore, the counseling, mentoring, and remedies they receive should also be adapted to their unique Karma.
  • The mathematical algorithms of the Vimshottari Dasha system can reveal the broad outline of how our life decade by decade, year by year, month by month, and even day by day.
  • There is no better mentor and coach than self-knowledge of our unique and ingrained perspective, our unique myth or karma, and the timeline of our life’s story, as revealed by our horoscope.
  • The primary task of a Vedic Astrology Counselor is to help the client develop skills and dedication for their unique life story.
  • Our True Self (Atman) transcends Karma.  Like Yoga and meditation, the ultimate goal of Vedic Astrology Counseling is to train the mind to witness to our True Self. The result is increased joy, compassion, and fulfillment in our daily life and a natural enfoldment of divine union – Yoga.